Red Bull KTM revealed their 2014 bikes at their headquarters this afternoon, and we thought the orange fans among you might want a wallpaper to ogle.

Click the link below for the size wallpaper you want, then after the page loads, right-click and save to your hard drive (PC), or drag and drop to your desktop (Mac). Enjoy!


Ryan Dungey
1400 x 1050
1440 x 900

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GuyB GuyB 12/2/2013 7:06 PM

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Well it's a fresh look, but I think the previous years models looked better. Too much going on with the white, blue, orange and black, maybe it's just because it doesn't flow that well. Saying that though I certainly wouldn't turn it down!

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Wonder why they went white, husky comes to my mind! Not a huge fan of the white but still a mean looking machine, wish WP did some different coating to the outer fork tube, like what Suzuki are using more like sand colour of some sort that would make their bike look even more sexy.! Thx for wallpaper Guy!

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White has been seen on KTM's for a few years now, mostly the road models see this trend. I like this scheme but it is a step down from the previous one. The blue and orange of the '13 was spot on.

Is Millsaps on a 13 or a 14 bike?

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Millsaps is on a 14 bike. I dont like the white theme on a KTM, i am more a guy who likes the stock colours, wich is orange for KTM, and so on. But i guess it will grow into me like it did when they switched frontfender and everytihng, first i hated it , now i love it.

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