Baker's Dozen: FMX Downtime

Baker's Dozen: FMX Downtime Click the following link to check out Bryan Buchanan's gallery of FMX shots.

With no real high-profile freestyle contests to speak of in the immediate future, what are the top pro riders doing? They're calling up their buddies and driving to their favorite local riding spot for a casual ride, just like any other motohead. The only difference being their standard for "casual" riding may be a little higher than that of the average joe. Not really concerning themselves with putting in a solid 90-second run, but rather just getting the much needed seat time to be able to show up to the events in top form is the name of the game.

This time it was Nate Adam's place in Temecula, CA that hosted the practice session that featured the likes of Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, Todd Potter, Myles Richmond, Ryan Hagy, Jimmie McGuire and Taka Higashino.

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