First Look: 2018 GEICO Honda CRF250R 11

Take a look at the all-new 2018 Honda CRF250R in GEICO race trim.

First Look: 2018 GEICO Honda CRF250R

We stopped by the GEICO Honda race shop today as they were setup and deep into their 2018 team photoshoot. After things wrapped up a bit, Christian Craig's wrench Derik Dwyer let us snag his 2018 Honda CRF250R for a little camera time.

We always prefer to shoot the "pipe-side" of a bike and in this case, that means both!

A little look at...
the new bodywork...
and graphics for '18.

The controls are still handled by Pro Taper and ARC, which are matched up to HRC triple clamps

The FC crew has the latest spec exhaust from Yoshimura, straight off the shelf as it's the same as their customer pipe...except for the welded bug insert for dyno/mapping purposes. While the team will admit they aren't quite up to the peak horsepower or torque of their old engine configuration, which had nearly nine years of development behind it, the riders prefer the new bike as an overall package. Plus, they're quickly making up ground on that peak number as development is full speed ahead with the all-new layout.

The split...
It'll take a bit of getting used to, seeing a header on the left side of the CRF250R.

The end result of the two Yoshimura RS-9 exhausts.

Showa A-Kit shock out back for Craig.
The Showa kit shock on the CRF250R features a two piece cast/billet body. The top portion is cast, while the lower body area for the shaft and piston is billet.

Spring forks for Craig.

This year's Showa forks for GEICO have reverted to a "bronze" Kashima and gone away from the black look of last year. From what we spotted. Craig and Hampshire are on Showa; while Martin, Sexton, and McAdoo's bikes had KYB equipped.

Can we please take a billet Nissin works caliper home?

Hinson already has the team dialed in.
Ti footpeg tips...
Plus the classic HRC titanium footpegs and brackets.

Another HRC piece; a rubber tipped, titanium armed shift lever.

Another full look.

One down, another to go...

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ML512 12/7/2017 7:49 PM

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I Understand "J-Mart" contracts are already signed and 2018 decisions probably already made, but I think he to should stay on the 250 for another year. At least when it comes to SX and chase that title one more time andmaybe make the move up outdoors MX...

But at the same time we need to force riders to move up [based on points or maybe like the MXGPs age.] Davalosis moving back down from the Husky 450 to a Pro Circuit 250 Kawi?

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Man, certainly they’ll be able to exceed the power numbers of that previous, single cam head. At least I would think so, unless they were using a factory head with finger followers built in, like the new 450 has. Not entirely sure on AMA’s rules for valve train parts. Either way, I am stoked as hell to see this factory version in action!

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That head would've been illegal. It's just simple time and development. The team had nine years on the old engine platform and only a bit over two months on the new one...they're making gains ever day.

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The little Geico mascot on the shrouds needs to go on my opinion.

I could've sworn one of the guys was going to be on WP stuff. Pretty sure I saw a pic somewhere of a FC Honda with WP suspension. Should've of saved it.

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That's a riders least concerns, having a sponsor forking out the money is more important...

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