First Look: 2019 Team Honda HRC - Ken Roczen and Cole Seely 2

Honda releases its official team photos of Ken and Cole gearing up for the 2019 AMA Monster Energy Supercross Series.

First Look: 2019 Team Honda HRC - Ken Roczen and Cole Seely

This year (‘18) hasn’t been super awesome for either of Team Honda HRC riders. Ken Roczen made an incredible comeback at the beginning of Supercross, just to get injured and have to do the same thing again in the Motocross series. What is pretty unbelievable is that Ken still ended up on the overall MX podium in third. Hopefully he can use that surprising success to spring back to full form for A1.

Cole Seely had a pretty solid Supercross season going until a broken pelvis and sacrum took him out of the rest of the SX and all of the MX season. He did race the Geneva Supercross and got 6th overall after two nights of racing. We are excited to see him back and to see Honda HRC with a solid and seasoned two man Supercross team.

Jordan Torxell, Seely's Mechanic
Oscar Wirdeman, Roczen's Mechanic
Eric Kehoe
Sam Mishima
Thomas Harris

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Klinger 12/17/2018 2:32 PM

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I used to know with eric kehoe on team Suzuki when he rode the us nationals in 1982
we were on the same team
the difference he finished fifth that year we finished 9th overall

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