Similar to the way helmet companies have been pushing each other forward in safety with new construction methods and materials, we've seen the same with goggle companies in recent years. Molded lenses, better vision, and better lens retention systems are among the improved safety features that have benefitted riders. 

100% has been working on the design and construction of their latest entry, the Armega, for about three years now, and they pulled out all the stops as they unveiled it at their San Diego headquarters earlier this week. 

Armega Features

The lenses are constructed from a molded polycarbonate material to provide shatterproof and impact-resistant protection. They also feature six-point locking tabs to maximize lens retention to the frame, but they're also easily changed. The Ultra HD lens are designed and constructed for zero optical distortion; but there's also a HiPER contrast-enhancing lens option, which 100% claims offer a boosted contrast, increased detail and depth, and offers even more vibrant colors. Between the Ultra HD and HiPer lenses, we counted 18 tint and model options.

You can see the retention posts around the edge of the frame that help keep the lens and frame locked together. The tooling for these is expensive, and they did quite an extensive global search to find a manufacturer that could make the lenses.

The frame uses outrigger style strap mounts, and a dual-injection construction to bond the stiff frame front to the softer material behind it. 

The locking levers on the end of the frame flip up to unlock and release the lens. When installing a new lens, we initially tried to clamp it in place using the locking levers. It's actually easier to leave them in their fully clamped positions and squeeze them toward the tear-off post. They lock with a satisfying snap to let you know it's secure.

Air intake ports at the bottom of the frame boost circulation, ensure that you stay fog-free, and help dry sweat.

You can see the intake vents alongside the new removable noseguard.

These match up nicely with the perforated triple-layer face foam, and a very slick sweat channel underneath it that's designed to help drain sweat off to the sides of the frame.

The perforated foam should help vent air, drain moisture, and keep your vision clear and splatter-free on long, hot motos.

You can see the channeling on the frame underneath the foam that's designed to help route sweat off to the sides.

Here's a top view of the sweat channeling.

An ultra-wide 48mm strap with thick silicon bead for maximum grip keeps the goggle snugly against your face.


Pricing for the goggles? Models with the Ultra HD clear lens are $90. Ultra HD mirrored options are $100. Models with the HiPer lens (which are mirrored) are $120.


One of the best parts of the intro was listening to David Bailey tell the origin story of the 100% brand. You can click play below to listen to that. He dove in after the crew assembled for the intro viewed a video of the action from David's era.

Below you'll find a couple of videos from 100%. The first features their pro riders in action, and the second one shows off the technical features.



Zapata Espinoza trading bench racing stories with Bevo Forte.

Christian Craig and Cameron McAdoo eyeing some of the history on display in the museum. The tall guy in the background? That's Bill Walton.

There were lots of riders on hand for the launch event, along with the staff.

Yep, the 100% crew were suitably proud after three of their riders (Chase Sexton, Cooper Webb, and Dylan Ferrandis) walked away with championships after the final round of the 2019 Supercross series.

The after-party to the intro? That happened at the Vogt Ranch, which featured a cool private track in the mountains just north of the Mexican border. 

One of the more interesting parts of this track is that it does hold occasional races, but by invitation only. It also features a full irrigation system around it.

The Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha team made use of the opportunity as a test day, and their guys got in full motos. For some of them, it was their first time riding with the new goggles.

This may not have been a full-send National track, but it was cool to see the Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha guys (and some others, like Colton Haaker, Tom Parsons, and Jarryd McNeil) as well as a couple vet legends (Scott Burnworth and Ronnie Lechien) getting after it.

You can catch a quick clip of Dylan Ferrandis in action on the Vogt Ranch track below.


Oh, and the good news? The goggles are available now. Go get 'em

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