Geneva Supercross Night Two: Look and Listen

Marvin Musquin wrapped up another King of Geneva title, and the off-season races for the American aces.

Geneva Supercross Night Two: Look and Listen

Ready for one more race to wrap up the off-season tour for the top American riders? Let's do this!

Hit the lights! This is down on the end of the track where the split lane section was, and you can get an idea of how tight it was through here.

The opening ceremonies here was quite unlike anything we'd seen before, with plenty of acrobatics with fire. You had several performers twirling big cubes like this, performers hanging from the ceiling, and the one on top of the finish line jump, who would envelope himself in swirling fireballs.

Ready for some racing? Gaeten Le Hir roosted away for the first 250 heat race win.

Thomas Do scored the win in the second 250 heat.

Marvin Musquin made easy work of the first 450 heat.

Jason Anderson had a weird heat race, as his bike stalled on the line as the revs went up. You could see him going for the starter button just before the gate dropped, and he was last into the first turn.

Jason did come all the way back to take the heat win, getting by Fabien Izoird, who was the early leader.

In the match races, Josh Hill was the winner on Saturday night, after Ricky Carmichael took Friday night's win. Josh was on an enduro model Alta, and he wrestled a bit with getting it to perform like his usual bike.

When the gate dropped for the 250 main, Swiss rider Killian Auberson grabbed the lead.

Yannis Irsuti had a better night on Saturday, finishing second.

Thomas Do got by Auberson to move into the lead...and grab the eventual win.

Thomas Do was the 250 winner, followed by Yannis Irsuti, and Pierre Lozzi.

Mat Rebaud is a fan favorite in Geneva, as he's local to the area.

Edgar Torronteras getting in his frequent flyer miles.

Yep, Levi Sherwood did his double backflip again, and he also had this cool whip variation. He has one of the trickest bikes in the paddock, and that includes all the factory race machines. We'll have more on in in this week's Pit Bits.

Taka Higashino can have this body variel. This is a position we don't particularly ever want to find ourselves in...but he makes it look easy.

Jason Anderson nailed the holeshot to start the 450 finale.

Click the start button below to hear post-race audio from Jason Anderson.

Jason led the first four laps, though Marvin Musquin was putting pressure on him. Unfortunately, Jason dropped his Husky in one of the tight split lane corners, handing the lead to Marvin.

Adrien Escoffier (137) was up front with Anderson and Musquin in the early stages of the race.

Once out front, Marvin concentrated on hitting his marks, and riding a clean race.

Cedric Soubeyras was in third for a good portion of the main event.

Justin Brayton got a terrible start, and had to fight to work through the pack. He was often using the left side of the split lane section to make time, as it wasn't the preferred line, and there was less traffic there.

Click the start button below to hear post-race audio from Justin Brayton.

The heel clicker means one thing...another win for Marvin Musquin.

Here's your top three from Saturday night's action, with Marvin Musquin, Jason Anderson, and Justin Brayton.

Click the start button below to hear post-race audio from Marvin Musquin.

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