Injury Update: Ken Roczen - Surgery and Recovery Time 6

The Honda HRC team has released a statement regarding Ken Roczen's condition.

Injury Update: Ken Roczen - Surgery and Recovery Time

Vital MX: As we all saw last weekend, Ken Roczen's arm and hand was sucked into Cooper Webb's rear wheel as they both went down during the main event. To be honest, we're surprised Ken's injury wasn't worse but it wasn't quite as minor as they initially expected. The initial prognosis is six-to-eight weeks out, which would put his return to riding somewhere around the 12th or 14th round of the season. Read the message below from Honda's IG page for the exact list on injuries and what had to be repaired...then keep scrolling for Ken's personal photo and update of the injury.

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ML512 2/17/2018 8:11 AM

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He must have great insurance , they sure do love cutting him up , someone with a lesser policy would have a cast and rub some robutusen on it ......

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