Mountaineer Run GNCC Photo Gallery 2

It's time to crown the XC2 and XC3 champs, and Ryan Sipes grabs his first XC1 win.

Mountaineer Run GNCC Photo Gallery

Dry and dusty conditions met the GNCC regulars, as they headed to Masontown, WV, for this one.

XC2 has been a battle this season, however, a new king would be crowned at this round.

Jordan Ashburn would have issues and be out of competition scoring only two laps. The struggle has been real for so many of the top riders in the series.

Grant Baylor put in a solid effort here in the hills of West Virginia and would earn fifth in XC1.

Chris Bach hasn't been able to buy any racing luck this season, and a brake issue early in the race took him out of contention for mounting a comeback this round.

Josh Toth was a man on a mission and has been all season.

One of the top amateurs, Alex Teagarden, heading out for his last lap of the day and would finish 18th overall after a very tiring race.

Trevor Bollinger was looking strong for most of the race, and was running in a podium finishing position several times. After finding the ground a few times, he backed off the pace and finished sixth, however, he is showing he is making progress in his rookie pro class season.

Jack Edmondson charging back into the woods on his way to third in XC3.

The Axe Man, Paul Whibley, putting his YZ125 to the test! Whibley took the FMF XC3 holeshot and finished second in XC3. Paul will be racing the final two GNCC events in 2017.

Russell Bobbitt clears one of many rock-infested sections that made up a good portion of the 12-mile course.

Craig DeLong looking for clean air and a smooth line. DeLong finished second in XC2.

Kailub Russell charging through a rock garden on his way to a solid second place finish. He will have to wait until round 12 to see if he can seal the deal on another championship.

Josh Strang working his way through the pits after another trying race that saw him way off his usual pace.

Layne Michael gave it his all in a brutal three-hour race. Layne would secure the XC2 holeshot and finish third.

Tayla Jones wrapped up the WXC championship at the previous round, and climbed aboard a 125 to give the XC3 class a try. Jones finished sixth in class and 36th overall proving she can run in the 1:00 pm race and do well!

Steward Baylor charged hard, but would miss the podium by one spot, finishing fourth after one hot and dusty day.

Sipes set the pace and held it all the way to the checkered flag.

Ryan Sipes had set an amazing pace and finally put the 264 in the center of the box!

Waiting to see if Josh Toth could stay on the throttle and claim the XC2 championship had much of his team waiting as the last few miles were run.

Josh Toth taking the last turn on his way to to earning the XC2 class championship and win here at the Mountaineer Run.

Jason Thomas celebrated his FMF 125 XC3 championship and announced his retirement from pro racing.

It took nearly four years, but Ryan Sipes finally found the center of the box here at the Mountaineer Run GNCC.

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