Roger DeCoster | The Inside Line Podcast 4

This week's guest is Roger DeCoster. Besides winning five 500cc world titles of his own, he's spent a lifetime working as a team manager with some of the best in the business and now has a new official role. We checked in with him to find out a bit about his past, present, and future.

Roger DeCoster | The Inside Line Podcast

Click play, kick back and enjoy some quality time with GuyB and The Man.



Barry McBride (left) with Roger. Yep, works bikes in the late 70s looked a whole lot different than they do now.

The Man and The Goat. This was at a pre-race Legends ride at High Point.

Ricky Carmichael was among the riders that Roger has worked with over the years.

Winning smiles with Team USA (Canard, Dungey, and Short) in 2010.

SuperPumped. Ian Harrison (in the background) will now serve as the Team Manager for the Red Bull KTM squad, while Roger will oversee racing in the U.S. for both KTM and Husqvarna.

The collaboration between Ryan Dungey and Roger DeCoster was an extremely successful one.

This was a frequent site during Ryan's racing days, with a quick debrief at the podium.


It's a lot of fun when two champions are crowned on the same night. This was 2015, when both Cooper Webb and Ryan Dungey wrapped up titles.

Things have been good for Roger and the crew since the move to KTM.

Roger, Ryan Dungey, and KTM's Pit Beirer.

Roger's hoping to hold the Chamberlain Trophy once again, this time at RedBud.


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GuyB GuyB 9/15/2018 4:50 PM

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Hi guys, where can i download all the podcast episodes from? I found the episodes on Itunes, however when i try download i get the following error. stopped (err = - 214893018)

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Going to the web page - here , this exact page - on a desktop computer using Chrome , in the top right of the podcast "player" built into the page there's a "3 dot" menu - click on the 3 dots and you'll see an option "download this episode" which will allow you to easily download the podcast as an mp3 to play it later locally on a phone or send it to email / dropbox etc to then access it on your phone to playback as a normal mp3 file for example.

I created a screenshot illustrating how to download the podcast as an mp3 but I can only add a photo to this post by linking to a photo URL or else I'd upload the screenshot.

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As I was getting into moto in 1975, The Man set the standard for technical interest in the bike itself, a strict diet and training sequence ( unheard of at that time in the USA ), and always a respect for his fellow competitors. He is a true legend not only as a rider, but also in how he meticulously prepared himself and his machinery. Never a prima donna, he always carried himself in the manner a World Champion would be expected to.

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RD was a hero growing up..all moto and going strong.
cool pic ..Pit,Ryan,RD..vital all

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