Shooting Gallery: 2018 Honda Teams

We've gathered some of our favorite still shots from the team intro for Team Honda HRC and GEICO Honda.

Shooting Gallery: 2018 Honda Teams

We're getting close to the end of pre-season team introductions (at least the ones we know about), but today's was a biggie. Honda brought out their Team Honda HRC rig (and test rig) to their track, and also had their 250 team, GEICO Honda, on hand for an '18 intro. Of course, the big news of the day was a chance to see Ken Roczen back on the bike after he destroyed his arm at Anaheim 2 earlier this year. After nearly a year filled with way too many surgeries, and a whole lot of work, it was good to see him back on a bike and flying.

Look for a lot more from the day (including riding video and interview with Ken, and many of the other riders on the teams), as well as the photos below.

Just like last season Cole Seely and Ken Roczen make up the Team Honda HRC crew. Just making it back to the season after his arm rebuild is already a huge win for Ken and the team. Cole may be coming in under the radar, but he's been looking very fast and smooth when we've seen him recently.

After being off the radar for so long, Ken Roczen was in high demand with the assembled media.

Hmm...are those new Fox goggles we see? There's been a little chatter about what gear Kenny will be in when the season starts. We wouldn't be shocked to see him in either Shift or Fox at any point.

Last week we described Cole Seely's style as silky-smooth, and he doesn't have a problem with that. He said when he's riding smooth is when he's at his fastest.

This flat corner, with just a small rut was interesting. seeing how they were able to rail through it, lap after lap.


Cole's okay with playing a lower key role on the team...well, maybe with the exception of on race day.


Erik Kehoe (right) is back as the Team Honda HRC team manager. Dan Betley moved from the TM spot there, to the same role for the 250 squad at GEICO Honda.

The question we've heard over and over since returning from the track is, "How did Kenny look?" The short answer is, "Solid." He looked good everywhere, but we'll have to wait and see how he stacks up when the gate drops. The Alpha Dog butt patch should provide some info on how he thinks he'll do.

The only obvious difference from before? The Mobius brace on his left wrist.

The precision's there.

One other big difference from before is a switch from KYB to Showa for suspension. That's Oscar Wirdeman making an adjustment.

Bring on the '18 season.

The GEICO Honda crew. From left to right, it's Jeremy Martin, Cameron McAdoo, RJ Hampshire, Chase Sexton, and Christian Craig.

Here's Jeremy Martin's 250...but one of the big announcements from the day was that he'll be on a 450 for the first three rounds of the the '18 season. It's a good way to dip his toe in the water after a one-shot on the big bikes at Daytona last season.

According to the riders and crew, they're a whole lot happier (and faster) on the new bike...and that's before they've had much of a chance to tap into the engine side of it. The new chassis is making a big difference for them.

Jeremy Martin laying down the power.

CC smoking the whoops.

You've got a mix of GEICO Honda riders on either Kayaba or Showa, depending on their preference. Besides the media duties, it was another day of testing for the crew.

RJ Hampshire will be part of GEICO Honda's three-rider assault on the East 250 series.

RJ working the edge of the seat through one of the rhythms at the Honda track.

Cole Seely, Christian Craig, and Chase Sexton have been training together during the off-season.

An injury in his first race last season took out Chase Sexton. He'll join up with Christian Craig for the West series.

Chase and Christian have been riding and training together for quite a while now.

Hopefully this year features fewer injuries for Cameron McAdoo. He'll be the third rider on the East for GEICO Honda.

Alex Campbell cheers on Cameron McAdoo.

Photos: GuyB

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