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Michael's Picks

The beginning of outdoors is a great time to be in Southern California. No matter what track you hit, you're bound to find a top pro testing.

Motovation: @justinbarcia throwing it down at comp edge today #motovation
Enter Sandman... Ummm, I mean Justin Hill. Who says riders can only turn a throttle?

Matt Biscgelia: @justinhill35 shredding
Josh may have gotten carried away with all of his quads this season, but he still wasn't as carried away as the people who wanted to argue if they were or weren't quads. Until next year Josh!

Josh Hill: I got a lil carried away with quading this supercross season. #tbt
New goal... build track El Camino.

Ronnie Renner: A nice little evening sesh with @nate_renner153 and his @deitycomponents #cryptkeeper and the Camino cruiser
Nate Adams getting his hunt on.

Nate Adams: Did some #coyote calling yesterday...Didn't get anything but had a blast with the boys!! @anthonycuomo @rheyvision #GoPro
Steve Cox was able to snag a few shots of the crash that cost Justin Hill his first outdoors podium...

Steve Cox: If not for hitting this kicker in moto two, @justinhill35 would've had his first outdoor podium...
Weston Peick just straight bulldogging it.

Weston Peick: Had a close one in moto 1 but pulled it of. @rchracing @soaringeagleresort @suzukicycles @sycuan_casino @teamdodge @motosportinc @bel_raycompany @shiftmx
Nick Wey may not understand the term "summer vacation"... Because that sure doesn't look like a vacation to me!

Nick Wey: Australia was a blast. Manjimup 15000 was a rough bitch though. I met a lot of great people. Thanks to @chris_clark176 and his family for their hospitality.
Being injured has it perks when it comes to amusement parks.

Dean Wilson: Crashed into a few Asians but other then that I was Rollin out at universal

Scottie's Picks

ThunderValley is right around the corner....DOH!

Andrew Short: Can't wait to race this track in 6 days! @thundervalleymx
Happy Birthday Mrs. TwoTwo!! Such an amazing family these two have created.

Ellie Reed: Lucky I had help to blow out all these candles before the cake melted. Thanks team @twotwomotorsports for a fun BBQ dinner and cake. My family away from my blood family and my favorites in this pic with me. #luckyme #happy2betogether @crtwotwo #tate&kiah
Here is a little throwback with Ken Roczen, check out the style at around 10 years old...and still rocking The Bull.

Ken Roczen: #tbt i was 10 or 11 lol great to look back
Carey Hart recently got back on the bike, and after a little lay off those tender hands take a beating... OUCH!!

Carey Hart: Looks like a crime scene on my grip!!! Gonna be a rough few weeks getting my hands back, but so much fun riding again. Road to @mammothmountain MX!! @RCHracing @SoaringEagleResort @Dodge @SycuanCasino @Suzukicycles @foxracing
Hangtown flashback, remember 1991 when a jetski race broke out? Denny Stephenson does, and it was his only podium that day.

Denny Stephenson: Hangtown 91 How bad was it? I went looking for some old video. This is @budmanantunez leading the way about where the finish line is today. When I said flood... I meant Noah built an Arc. #Hangtown #flood
Speaking of Hangtown, they had some really cool trophies this year! I recall one race last year (Muddy Creek?) that gave away some cool rifles, I really dig this revolver. #gunslinger

Ken Roczen: yesss! 1-1 soo happy:-) @cudby pic
Nac-nacs will never go out of style, especially when they're done right. Pete Fox explains:

Pete Fox: In my mind there are only two guys who look right doing a nac nac on a #dirtbike. Of course the first is the king of #supercross and originator @jeremymcgrath2 The other is @crtwotwo As he showed here at Glen Helen during the parade lap - he makes it look so cool and natural. Watching it gave me goosebumps. #fox #shiftmx #chadreed #mx #moto #effortless #style
Sandblasting, moto can become art. By the way, if you havent got a chance to check out "Meta" the new magazine by the guys at VurbMoto, you really should get on that. It's truly stunning.

Meta: Friends and dirtbikes. The recipe for an epic weekend. @marvinmusquin25 & @ferriswheel111 Glamis, California Photo by @kardyphoto @ride100percent
Stew'bros. Momma and Poppa Stewart must be very proud.

James Stewart: Wish us luck @malcolmstewart
Here is a lucky fan in the TwoTwo Motorsports pit area, next week it could be you.

Two Two Motorsports: Congrats to @mikey381j for winning our Hangtown @discount_tire @americastire @factoryeffex @acerbisusa pit giveaway! We are giving 1 away every weekend, come see us! #MXHangtown #YourJourneyStartsHere22
See you next week, now go whip it!! :-)

Brett Cue: Head over to to check out the video from Hood River of myself @kr557 @rory272 @rookstool @rickydietrich @motothenorthwest @jarrod42 - video by @daytondaft and @brysonsteele @motosportinc

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