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Michael's Take: Being a photographer takes cat-like reflexes and a lot of trust in the rider sometimes...

One more #bts from my @shoeihelmetsusa shoot with @joshgrant33 #ch33rs thanks again to @kurtrood29 for the photo and @thatsteezykid for the perfect spot to shoot @themediumcg @lululemonmen @fstopgear @customslr

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Michael's Take: Get well soon Ryan Sipes. It's amazing how a broken finger can hold you off the bike a week or two... or three months in some cases!

I did a number on it...huge bummer cause I finally felt like I was riding good again. But, surgery tomorrow, hopefully a quick recovery and back to racing soon. #cantwait

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Michael's Take: Those early day Supercross races have a few riders out of their usual routines...

"Monkey" - hey, it was an early race in St. Louis. #mcrboys #motoconcepts @malessi800 @cberensphoto @motoconcepts rider @malessi800 had his #STL getup on last Saturday at the #stlsx mike made it to the main through the heat with a #holeshot and heat win! #Motoconcepts shot on my #nikon #d800 #nikkor glass #cberensphotography

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Michael's Take: Wil Hahn was pedaling around France with Daniel Ricciardo over the weekend... Wil, I really hate you right now... #F1fanatic

Today was one Hell of a good day..... The views, the people, the food, EVERYTHING. #COCC

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Michael's Take: More raceshop goals...

Overhead view of the @rockstar_racing race shop! photo - @gladmotoaccess

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Michael's Take: Cross-training gone wrong, featuring Motorcycle Superstore Suzuki rider Josh Osby.

Does anyone have any talent I can buy? I ran out of it today.. #MidRaceFaceplant #JustOutForARip Thanks for capturing my rookie move @duffe38

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Michael's Take: *Drool on my shirt*

Il sera prêt pour samedi. #leBigUSA #procircuit #audette #foxborosx #supercross2016 #sxonfox #instaSX #moteur #mecano @jonprimo @pcraceteam

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Scottie's Picks


Scottie's Take: Turning your whole house into a gym? That's commitment!

When I transformed my whole house into my gym in Ca. #commitmentiskey

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Scottie's Take: Check out a young MC. Imagine telling him back then he would go on to become the king of SX?

Almost forgot about #tbt I was probably 12 in this shot! The BMX days... Factory VDC, so thankful to my parents who drove and flew me around the country to race! I was a lucky kid... This is where my Moto career came from, not your typical path, but it worked perfectly! Thank you BMX @ecmtb1 @brianlopes

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Scottie's Take: Young Adam is wise beyond his years.

James Stewart. I've met him, but by no means do I know him. What I do know, however, is that when I watched him go from last to first at Budds Creek in 2003 he forever changed the way I looked at the sport. There was now a new ceiling to reach for, a higher level of speed me and every other kid dreaming of one day becoming of pro would be striving to achieve. In any sport, there's always someone that changes the way the game is played. Steph Curry has crazy range, a consistent excellence & volume from the 3-point line that has not been seen before. Because of that, he has paved the way for there to be someone better than him. The same thing James did when he scrubbed Henry hill all those years ago. One day there will be someone faster than James, but it's because of him that the sport can one day elevate to that level. I understand, people forget easily. You're only as good as your last race and that's the truth. Is that harsh? Yes. That's reality though. But if you can't appreciate James for his results now, appreciate him for giving little kids like me the ability to shoot for what we once thought was impossible. #thoughts

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Scottie's Take: Check out Destry Abbot's trick KX500! I'm looking forward to Travis Fants' film on this one!

Shooting this pup for @dirtbikemag with @destryabbott today. #fantphoto #dirtbikemagazine

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Scottie's Take: Here FMF gives us a little taste of that sweet sound...

Turn up that base @destryabbott @dirtbikemag #FMFPower #2Strokesforever

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Scottie's Take: Jimmy striking a pose. Yup, he nailed it.

Nailed it... @bell_powersports @sevenmx_ @motorcyclesuperstore #weracewhatwesell

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Scottie's Take: Could this be the future of Moto? I must say, I'm impressed what an electric bike can do on a SX track... See you next week!

Another clip on the #electricbike @altamotors

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Oh man!! I can't stop watching and laughing at the Josh Osby video.. Just the complete disregard his mates have for him haha "hahaha Dude you just ate shit" classic

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