Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: BadNewsPhil, the gift that keeps on giving...

Michael's Take: We almost lost Dean Wilson in Laguna over the week. We're working on a pretty cool shoot with him, Shimano and Specialized. Look for it soon.

Michael's Take: HA!

Michael's Take: Kuzo, I do NOT envy you...

Michael's Take: Ping is looking to make that firefighter yearly calendar, so he's getting in his pushups whenever he can.

Michael's Take: It's almost time for the GPs! Just a few more days...

Michael's Take: No...freaking...way...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Here's an update from Roczen. Damn...I feel so bad for the poor kid, he's going on his ninth surgery this week! Heal up Kenny, we miss you!

Scottie's Take: The new US Banks stadium looked pretty high tech, sans the cool viking ship with a Supercross sail.

Scottie's Take: Speaking of injuries, Cooper Webb had a really scary get off. Let's hope it's nothing serious...fingers crossed.

Scottie's Take: FMF POWA!!!

Scottie's Take: BamBam's new helmet is "Pretty In Pink".

Scottie's Take: Colton has such mad skills on two wheels. If you haven't checked out his YouTube VLOG's, you really should...very entertaining.

Scottie's Take: Going "Off-Topic" here, but this brought back mass memories. Making mix tapes, repairing your fav cassette with Scotch tape when it breaks, good times!! Pff, kids are so spoiled these days...lol.

ML512 2/20/2017 8:02 AM

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