​Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Colton Haaker's outtakes are gold.

Michael's Take: Love this movie...like many moto-enthusiasts I've probably seen it at least 200 times.


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​Michael's Take: At this point, I think Carson Brown deserves his own segment.

@jsaw_794 Caught @khoover718 and I throwing down during some motos at @ridge_mx yesterday.

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Michael's Take: Ricky Carmichael, rocking the #4 and an extra wheel early in life.

Michael's Take: Ha! Old age and experience wins this one.

If your gunna TALK SHIT back it up! @nickwey27 how's your rear tire feel? I enjoy what I do too much..

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Michael's Take: Let's get Spencer to make all the MX and SX pro trophies...agreed? 

Michael's Take: Non-moto, but whoops!

My Saturday was good. How was yours? #bmx #monsterarmy #bmxracing @throdwn

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Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: The riders are sure taking to these voiceovers, ha.  

It's going down at #straightrhythm @_smitty44 you look good with a mustache Vid- @blakeshipman

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Scottie's Take: Tyler Bowers got a shiny new bullet to load in the chamber for Monster Cup.

Scottie's Take: The two greatest motocross announcers calling an epic battle...glorious! 

Scottie's Take: Josh Hill shredding the Alta in prep for Straight Rhythm.

Scottie's Take: This is kinda dumb...but I'm Nick Bagget. 

Im officially Zach Davalos

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Scottie's Take: Andrew in his new environment, that takes commitment!   

Scottie's Take: This is a gnarly get off!! See you next week.  

ML512 10/9/2017 7:22 AM

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I used to watch RC at Dade City MX on that Yamaha 3 Wheeler when I raced there back in the 80's. He was fast on that also, then he discovered two wheels and the rest is history.

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