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Michael's Take: THEY'RE BACK!

Michael's Take: Imagine having to lineup that seat cover every time it needed a new one...ughh...

Good lord, this RM125 Ben Townley rode gives me a migraine

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Michael's Take: Over ten years later and Ricky still might be a little mad about this one. This guy didn't like losing, that's for sure.

#tbt 2006 US open. Myself and stew, bout to go at it for 100k, he got it.

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Michael's Take: The crap talk has begun again! Bring on Straight Rhythm.

Michael's Take: BROOOOO! I love punk rock...pretty jealous right now...

Michael's Take: Drool worthy...

Michael's Take: Spinal...

I just pissed myself VOLUME-UPPPP!!

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Michael's Take: Heard only a handful of big bikes even tried this, Max Vohland going big on his Supermini at the ranch!

Michael's Take: Now that's a floater.

Michael's Take: Quarter pipe is getting big...FAST!

Michael's Take: I dig it.

@julehantke ‘s custom KXF 250 #bydteam

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Michael's Take: Jeremy Martin is recovering. Swipe over or hit the arrow on this post to see all the stitches in his back, yikes!

Michael's Take: Where do we stand on three wheelers? #NukeTheQuads?

Non-Moto Picks

Since there's so much gold on IG, we've got a few of our favorite non-moto picks as well.

Michael's Take: HUGE NEWS IN F1!

Michael's Take: No words.

I want to try this Who else

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Michael's Take: What the...

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ML512 ML512 8/6/2018 8:22 PM

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I must be getting younger. It only took me until the second loop to notice the chainsaw skater had on shorts and no shirt. Combined with an airplane on ice, it had enough weirdness for almost everyone.

Thanks for the Ricciardo news. I keep myself on almost complete media blackout for F1, but that was good to know before F1summer break ends.

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