View From The Infield: Cianciarulo's Redemption 1

After a few tough years, Adam wrapped up a 250 outdoor crown at Ironman Raceway.

View From The Infield: Cianciarulo's Redemption

The big business to wrap up at Ironman Raceway was to wrap up the 250 title. Adam Cianciarulo had a 30-point gap over Dylan Ferrandis, and a fourth or better in the first moto (even if Dylan won), would get it done. It had a bit of the feel of a formality but after how he'd missed what looked like a sure championship in Las Vegas, there were still some nerves to overcome.

Headed down the start straight in the first 250 moto, Kyle Peters (55) was hooked up and headed to the front.

Kyle Peters leading, with the primary players in the title chase strung out behind him.

The new jump on the reconfigured Ironman Raceway was a cool central spot for spectating.

Team USA's MX2 entry for the 2019 MXoN, Justin Cooper, wasn't making life easy for his Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha teammate.

RJ Hampshire was ninth in moto one, sixth in moto two, and seventh overall for the day. He also finished fourth for the season.

Dylan Ferrandis and Justin Cooper were getting after it up front.

Justin took over the lead for the middle part of the moto, but Dylan got by for the last six circuits.

While Ferrandis and Cooper were leading the way, Adam Cianciarulo was content to sit in third for most of the moto and watch things play out. He did make it to second before the finish.

After the finish it was cool to see how many riders stopped to congratulate Adam. Dylan Ferrandis was first in line, as he stopped and waited for him. Justin Cooper and Chase Sexton all stopped to give him a handshake or fist bump.

Adam is always pumped up after a win, and he was particularly pumped for the title.

The emotions hit him while catching his breath under the tent before heading to the podium. The years of pressure, frustration with injuries and crashes gone, and goal achieved,

While the number plate presentation didn't happen until after the second moto, that didn't prevent Fox from handing over his championship jersey.

With the 450 title already wrapped up by Eli Tomac a week earlier, you could be forgiven for thinking the big-bore class would be more relaxed this week. Nope. Eli came to race, and Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin still had to settle who'd get second and third in the class. Joey Savatgy grabbed the holeshot.

Zach Osborne and Justin Barcia dicing in moto one. The track had started off as really soft in practice but was rapidly hardening into some really technical ruts for the motos.

Marvin Musquin started out in fourth, and Joey Savatgy was his first victim.

Justin Barcia turned in his best pair of motos in '19 at the final round, going 7-4 for fifth overall.

Jason Anderson finished in sixth for the day, but fourth for the season, just three points ahead of his Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna teammate, Zach Osborne.

The ruts were getting nasty out there, like this one before the finish line that gave Ken Roczen an extra kick. Kenny led most of the first moto, but gave up the lead with three to go.

There was some great racing in both motos and a trio of riders going for it up front in each of them. Marvin Musquin got by Eli Tomac for second place with four to go, and then got past Ken Roczen a lap later to take the first moto win.

With the 250 title wrapped up, the second moto was all about determining the day's results. Dylan Ferrandis nabbed the holeshot to jump out front early.

Cameron McAdoo and Derek Drake dueling early in moto two.

This is the year that Michael Mosiman went from hopeful to contender. He scored a pair of fifths in Indiana.

With the championship in the bag, and after an emotionally charged moto one, we'd have understood if Adam Cianciarulo rode a celebratory cruise in moto two. Nope. He was still in a racing mood and finished third overall with a 2-4 score.

Chase Sexton was fourth for the day, and fifth overall in the 250 class for this season.

Justin Cooper on the gas and heading for second overall on the day and a third overall for the season.

After the finish, a very pumped Adam Cianciarulo took to the podium for a celebratory burnout.

The champ's bike...and rewards.

Nope, we can't forget Dylan Ferrandis scoring the overall for the day. He has to be considered a prime contender for next year's title chase.

With the champagne sprayed, Adam did a quick run of the fence high-fiving fans.

After the celebration was done there, the team headed back to the pits to spend a large part of the rest of the day taking turns pinning Adam's bike at 16,000 RPM. When it finally died, they determined that, nope, it wasn't blown up, it had run out of fuel. After a quick refill, they kept after it...including Mitch taking a turn in the saddle. After a season where short of some bad luck, they easily could have won two more titles, they were primed to celebrate this one.

Pro Circuit team boss Mitch Payton (center) has always been about winning races and championships, and helping riders achieve their dreams. The look on his and Adam's face pretty well says it all.

Heading into the first turn for the final moto of the season, it was Joey Savatgy out front once again.

Heading into the third turn, Marvin Musquin was making a quick charge to the front...until he and Zach Osborne tangled and Marv got ejected over the front end of his KTM.

You could tell he wanted to get back in the race, but with the pack gone and his knee hurting, he reluctantly opted out. We know he had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the Sunday after the race, but haven't heard any results from that yet.

This jump was a great spot for viewing...and style. Joey Savatgy chases Zach Osborne on the way to a fourth overall day.

Justin Bogle and Benny Bloss have been duking it out for the second spot on the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/KTM/WPS squad, and that continued in the final moto of the season. Benny finished the day with a pair of eighth-place finishes. Justin had a 33-9 score after having to stop for a new front wheel in the first moto. The team have a tough decision ahead.

Ken Roczen took over the lead from Joey Savatgy after the first lap, and led until Eli got by him with seven to go.

Eli was impressive all year long on his way to a third-straight 450 title.

Zach Osborne also got by Kenny in the second moto, and grabbed the third spot on the podium.

When they hit the podium, Roczen brought along a couple of Silver Bullets and got Eli to crack one open with him. Good on you guys.

Eli with the Edison Dye Cup, which is a perpetual trophy that commemorates the 450 champ. Eli has the most recent three spots on there. Can anyone unseat him next season? We can't wait to see.

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AC pulling on his championship jersey should be framed and on his wall, that photo brings out so many emotions. I think Mitch would like one to hang at PC headquarters.

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