Vital MX Pit Bits: Denver 7

This is our chance to take you behind the scenes at the newest venue on the Monster Energy Supercross circuit. Hop aboard.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Denver

Welcome to Denver! The Broncos Stadium at Mile High overlooks the city.

Coming into this weekend everyone knew that a mid-April race in Denver could present some challenges. A day or so before we shot this, the track was covered in snow. The good news was, the Dirt Wurx guys had built and covered it, and it was very dry underneath.

The Toyota BMX Triple Challenge was set to go off in the pits.

Qualifying happened on Friday, but some snow overnight might have affected these guys even more than the Supercross crowd.

On Friday night, there was a pretty good batch of snow (at least for us Californians). When the riders arrived for track walk on Saturday morning, they were met with views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountain...Tuff Blox. There was only a thin layer of wet material on top...and when you kicked that off, it was pretty dry underneath.

We can't say we've ever seen leaf blowers used to blow snow off the trackside banners.

Temps in the stadium were pretty chilly...and everyone was pretty well bundled up. Well, except for Gared Steinke, who was wearing shorts.

Justin Starling did up a sweet Broncos helmets for the weekend. He said this one will get auctioned off later on.

The guys at AP Designs crushed it with this helmet for Eli Tomac that shows off the Tomac Ranch.

The Rockwell/Nuclear Blast/Yamaha guys had a whole different setup for their bikes and gear here, featuring the band Slayer. Leatt scrambled to dial in the gear.

Here's a look at the bike and helmet. The bad news is, Steinke may have cartwheeled in the first practice. We saw his bike getting wheeled out with the front number plate headed in the wrong direction.

Normally Zach Osborne's helmet is pretty stock-looking Rockstar design, but we like the addition of his number on the top.

With the extra cold, Adam Cianciarulo and a bunch of the other Scott guys are dialed in with the dual-pane (snow-style) lenses in their goggles.

Daniel Castloo build up some extra windscreen on the handguards on Michael Mosiman's bike.

How cold was it? Alex Campbell dialed in these bags on Dylan Ferrandis' bike, mostly just to keep his hands warm on the ride over to the staging area from the pits.

The winning setup for hand comfort had to go to Austin Kent and the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/KTM/WPS team. They had electric warmers set up under the ODI grips on their team bikes.

Where did they source them? Rocky Mountain ATV-MC, of course. Here's the part number for the kit. They had it set up on a separate circuit, and with a battery mounted next to their starter battery.

The funniest part about this? While GuyB was doing a pre-race chat with Blake and asking him if he'd be doing anything special to keep his hands warm, the team was busy setting it up...and having a good laugh at the same time.

We saw Brandon Hartranft last week in Nashville, so what was he doing at a 250 West round? He'll be doing some outdoor testing at Lakewood with the River/Yamaha team on Monday.

Michael Mosiman has a little different throttle cable setup (which requires a little longer set of cables) on his Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna. With that setup, they also use a different transponder mount than the rest of the team bikes.

The JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing bikes had a different logo for the weekend, with Joe Gibbs' Game Plan For Life web site URL.

Yep, due to the cold, the 100% gang were also setting up goggles with the dual pane lenses.

Keeping bikes warm was a full-time project. We saw one particularly cold-blooded bike on Friday (not this one) that was taking quite a bit of extra time to start. And you could tell that the altitude was leaving the mechanic winded.

Getting warm (and staying warm) was a challenge in the cold.

As the riders began heading into the stadium, the snow began to fall. Now we saw the snow at Salt Lake City back in the day, but that was more like spitting ice bits. Here, it was legit snowfall...though it wasn't really sticking on the ground. Oh, and Justin Hill has been racing with a tweaked back that's not helping him out.

By the time the first session was finishing, it was coming down pretty good.

Ready for some qualifying results? Let's do the 250s, first.

1. Adam Cianciarulo 43.746

2. Colt Nichols 43.778

3. Dylan Ferrandis 44.206

4. James Decotis 44.368

5. Michael Mosiman  44.409

450 class qualifying? The top five is below.

1. Eli Tomac 42.905 (Much to the delight of the home crowd.)

2. Marvin Musquin 43.207

3. Joey Savatgy 43.509

4. Dean Wilson 43.529 (No, that's not new gear, it's just a color combo that he hasn't worn before.)

5. Cooper Webb  43.622

More than a few times, we saw guys attempting to warm their hands as they went around the whoops.

Michael Mosiman has been on an upward trajectory lately.

Chris Blose. The veteran is looking to make his mark.

RJ Hampshire was on the podium the last time out for the 250 West guys in Houston.

Check out the fender warpage, and the front tire as Cameron McAdoo lands off the triple.

Blake Baggett showed off some more start skills in the final qualifying session.

Ken Roczen wasn't great in qualifying, but we've seen some really good whoop speed from him lately. They're just not very long here, so that he can take advantage of that.

Judging from some of the lean angles heading into the last turn, there's some good traction available.

Everyone likes to play in the snow, including Justin Bogle.

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GuyB GuyB 4/13/2019 4:26 PM

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fender warpage? It looks like a lot of bendage in the forks too, could be an illusion with the plastics goin all skewampas but looks bendy

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Impressed with Michael Mosiman. The Documentary they did on him during the break was cool. New fan here.

Those pics of the riders with the snow falling are rare, some good shots.

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