Met Life Stadium is a favorite of the riders and teams. With its proximity to New York City, it definitely adds some excitement to the paddock. The track was built dry, and covered before Friday's rain, so there wasn't a lot of packing done. They were doing lots of watering after practice.

Cooper Webb likes to make sure his grips are super-secure, so Carlos Rivera adds and extra round of safety wire.

This time of year is all about ensuring that there's no problems. At a few rounds this year, the Red Bull KTM guys have run mousse inserts, just to ensure that there's no issue. After Marvin got a flat tire in the first qualifying session in Nashville, the team switched to the mousse. They often take a look at what kind of junk is in the dirt during track walk if there are things like big construction nails, they'll often make the switch.

The Red Bull KTM guys also do safety wire on the spoke junctions, just to make sure an errant broken spoke doesn't end up in a disk or sprocket.

We caught Frankie sporting one of Marvin Musquin's hats during his Friday work session.

For the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna guys, they did their build after Denver. But by the time you get to the next round, there are always updated components to be bolted on.

Zach Osborne was fastest during the 450 first round of qualifying.

One of the big question marks after Nashville was how Austin Forkner would perform following his ACL injury. He and the team have done everything possible to make it easier for him to perform... and hang on. Check out all the extra grip tape on the side of his bike. He's going through a set of pants every time he's on the track.

How much has Austin ridden since Nashville? He said he got in one session on Wednesday before flying to New Jersey. He's got his Mobius knee braces cinched up about as tight as he can stand them, and his left knee brace is taped to his leg.

What else has he done for prep? We spotted him with this game ready cooler on his leg while he was signing autographs.

Practice went pretty easy for Austin, and he looks good to go for tonight.

Ah, this was the first time we'd spotted the new Fox helmet on the track, and we were surprised to see it here. Originally, we thought it was likely to hit the track at Las Vegas. Check out the large quantity of venting.

A two-piece shell? What's cooking with that chin bar and frame around the front of the helmet? And also what's up with the rear of the helmet? We'll likely get more answers soon at the Fox HQ.


The GEICO Honda guys have some Jets-themed gear for the weekend, and are also sporting the new Fox helmet.

We dig the butt patch.

Here's another view of the Fox helmet. That two-piece shell is really interesting. We would guess that there are some benefits to what they can do with the interior due to the way the shell is constructed. We're also curious what they have going on for safety technology inside.

We ran into Jeff Scharff (right) from Planmed on Friday. Planmed builds Cone Beam Computed Tomography machines that are really good for checking out bone, and he'd recently met up with Weston Peick. They did a full scan of Weston's skull, which showed the extent of the injuries that he'd suffered, and they had done a 3D model of his skull. We recorded a conversation with him that we'll post up later this week on Vital.

Alex Martin got some extra Troll Train love on his graphics this weekend. He also made an appearance on Friday night at The Troll Experience in NYC.

There's the usual connection between the JGR/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing gear and graphics.

Joey Savatgy's mechanic, Justin Shantie, is a big movie fan, and he put in over 30,000 steps (about 16 miles) checking out various movie locations in New York City.

We have a Slaterskin sighting. The EBR guys were pitting out of a Tucker Rocky Semi this weekend.

Real estate on Zach Osborne's bars is at a premium. With the starter button, the one that sets the tach on the front fender, and leaving some room for the possibility of handguards, there's not much left over.

The Yamaha guys keep this backup battery plugged in when they fire the bike, so they're not drawing from the on-board battery.

The Redemption/Traders/Club MX crew are getting some extra sponsorship help this weekend from Rob Ninkovich, a former outside linebacker for the Patriots. That's what the Nink 50 is on the shrouds.

The guy behind the Adam Enticknap and Kyle Chisholm did up some cool custom Lego bike and rider combos for each of them.

We spotted Davey Coombs passing out some of the new poster's of the photo that Oakley used for that iconic (and limited edition) poster that they did back in the day. David St. Onge, the original photographer, is also here.

Whoa, there's some good stuff in the gear bag for the Chad Reed VIP peeps.

It was good to see Chad Reed here (he was also in Denver). He said the ribs are still sore, and that they'd broken in an unusual spot, about an inch off his spine. Forward and back motion is good, but twisting? Oof.

The "Euro Guy" butt patch is an inside joke with Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki mechanics. One of them thinks that anyone outside of the U.S. is a Euro Guy...even if they're from South America.

Looks like Roger and Ian spotted something interesting on one of the competitor bikes.

It was good to see Justin Brayton make it back to the action before the end of the season. His knee may not be optimal, but it's good enough to give it a shot for the final two rounds.

Chase Sexton has mostly been working on outdoor testing for the upcoming National season, but he grabbed the top 250 qualifying spot here.

Mitchell Oldenburg was second in 250 times.

Austin Forkner grabbed third in qualifying. Among the pit boards that we saw for him? "Good enough."

Brandon Hartranft has been on a charge lately, and qualified fifth.

Justin Cooper is still in the 250 East hunt, but qualified eighth in the 250 qualifying sessions.

Ouch. Christian Craig exited the final 250 qualifying session early after rounding off the corners of his GEICO Honda.

Alex Martin charging on the dry surface.

Marvin Musquin was the fastest 450 qualifier.

Ken Roczen grabbed second in the 450 qualifying times.

Joey Savatgy won the battle of the Monster Energy Kawasaki riders, qualifying in third.

Eli Tomac grabbed the fourth spot in qualifying.

Cooper Webb was fifth on the time sheets among the 450 guys.

Justin Bogle was sixth in qualifying.

Doh! Kyle Peters took a trip over the Tuf-Blox in this corner.

Forearm massage? Ben LaMay has his method down.

Cole Seely getting his finger stretches in before heading out for qualifying.

Chris Blose is back on the 450 again this weekend.

Whoa, check out that front tire flex.

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