Vital MX Pit Bits: Minneapolis 3

You thought the weather was bad in Indy? It's got nothing on Minneapolis...

Vital MX Pit Bits: Minneapolis

Brrr. Welcome to mid-April in Minnesota.

This is one of the few races where the pits are divided. There's a section under the stadium, and some teams who opt to hang out in their pits. Given the Triple Crown format for this weekend, and limited time between races, more than usual are pitting in the bowels of the stadium.

We'd hesitate calling the conditions outside blizzard-like (and expose how Californian we really are), but even the locals are calling it that. The snow came down harder in the afternoon, and the wind were making the snow swirl around outside.

There's not much easy about getting into the U.S. Bank Stadium. Teams were struggling to get their gear and spares in, through security, and to where it was needed.

Needless to say, Eli Tomac's pit bike won't see much use this weekend.

Getting out of the pits tonight could be...interesting.

Richard Sterling warming up Jeremy Martin's bike before heading into the stadium.

Travis Soules handles the wrenching duties for Weston Peick. He said the build this week resulted in lots of parts getting replaced after last week's mudfest in Seattle.

We can't imagine what this weekend's race would be like if it were held in an open stadium. Fortunately we don't have to.

Michael Mosiman busting out the style early in practice.

Austin Forkner checking in with the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki crew after the first 250 session. With Martin Davalos on the sidelines, he's the lone rider on the east for the team.

It's good to see Justin Barcia back in action following some time off to recover from a broken hand.

Marvin Musquin getting a quick shock adjustment. Unfortunately, with Broc Tickle's suspension for a failed drug test, Marvin's the lone rider in the Red Bull KTM rig this weekend. Of course, that was also a huge topic of conversation around the pits. It ranged from people thinking that it's dumb to get suspended for something that minor, to others saying that riders need to be a lot more careful about what they eat, drink, use as essential oils, or pre-workout supplements.

Cooper Webb getting it.

Privateer life. Josh Greco looking for a spot to charge his KTM. He said it's hard to do when he's sleeping in his van.

Benny Bloss getting cozy on the interior of the U.S. Bank Stadium.

From left to right, it's Michael Byrne, Blake Baggett, and Blake's dad, Tom.

Suffice to say, things are a bit cozy in the indoor pits.

Christian Craig checking out video after one of his practice sessions.

Tyler Bowers put in his best-ever 450 ride in Seattle last weekend, and will look to back it up here.

Wow, was this a leftover from Seattle? Nope, it was some leftover mud from the first practice session. Needless to say, the track was well-watered.

CMS-Art-WorX did up a cool Vikings/St. Judes-inspired helmet for Henry Miller this weekend.

Cedric Soubeyras is still hooked up with the H.E.P. Suzuki squad. We're glad to see that this worked out for both parties.

Kyle Peters at speed. The stadium in Minneapolis is all about the purple...

Jordon Smith was fourth in 250 qualifying.

Blake Baggett getting a little loose in this corner. The track came around nicely after the first session or two, which were really muddy.

Ah, here's another look at the boots and gear that Chad Reed was wearing last weekend (minus the helmet)...just with a lot less mud.

Marvin Musquin has an unmistakable style.

Cooper Webb just missed the top ten in qualifying.

In addition to riding on his own bike, Chad Cook was helping out a fellow rider.

We love the cornering style from Austin Forkner.

Luke Renzland grabbed a podium in Indy, the last time the East guys came out to play (and it was the combined East/West Shootout). How will he do tonight?

Ah yeah, that FMF handwarmer...

Zach Osborne showing how to rail one of the berms here.

Sean Cantrell was looking good in practice, and qualifying sixth.

Yep, sometimes it takes some extra help to get the forks locked down with Supercross suspension.

Caption this. Rich Simmons and Christian Craig.

Marvin Musquin should be in the mix tonight.

Jason Anderson probably felt like he let one get away last weekend in Seattle, and was seventh in practice times here.

Ah yeah, the style's back.

Justin Brayton was apparently feeling a little frisky here in qualifying. We don't always see this level of style from him. He's been one of the stronger riders in the Triple Crown format. How will he do tonight?

Dakota Tedder's back after a few weeks out an injured wrist.

Oops. Weston Peick was spinning some mean donuts in the snow in Indy. Conditions are a little different here.

We're not sure how to interpret this pit board...

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