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Springtime is usually a great time to buy a new motorcycle, especially if you're looking for a good deal on a new bike before the new models hit the floor. The early part of each year is definitely rebate time, and Suzuki takes it up a few notches, by not just offering cash back, but adding some very nice (and pricey) parts for your new ride.

For the second year in a row, Suzuki has leveraged their tight relationship with Yoshimura to offer up some bling and extra performance for anyone that picks up a 2016 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 before 3/31/16. There are also two options to choose from. The first is an all titanium/carbon fiber RS-4 exhaust system. Option two gets you a stainless/aluminum version of the RS-4, but also includes a batch of black "works edition" hard anodized parts. These include a rear brake clevis, timing plugs, axle blocks, and a steering stem nut to spice up the look of the bike.

In the case of the RM-Z250, the added performance of the exhaust is a particularly beneficial way for Suzuki to give back to the customer. In our 250F Shootout, there was a general consensus that the newest RM-Z250 has a fantastic chassis and some solid upgrades to the suspension, but was lacking a bit in the power department. By offering these Yoshimura packages, Suzuki eliminates one major upgrade that most people spend their hard-earned cash on, leaving that bit of budget for suspension, some gear, or maybe a season's worth of trips to the track.

The two best things about this package? One is most definitely the added power. As you can guess, Yoshimura has the most R&D time when it comes to Suzukis. In this case, it really shows as the RS-4 exhaust feels like it has gains across the board, but mostly focuses on the low-to-mid range, where the RM-Z250 can use the most help. The second best thing? The look of the whole package. It's hard to beat the look of a carbon-capped Yoshimura exhaust on the RM-Z250, along with all the blacked out hard parts.

Either package is a great choice. It just depends if you'd rather go all-in for a the titanium/carbon exhaust, or get a more durable stainless/aluminum system along with some bling goodies to finish it off. Either way, if you're hunting for a new 450 or 250 right now and Suzuki is on your short list, take an extra look their way...but don't wait too long, the deal wraps up at the end of the month.

Article and Photos by Michael Lindsay

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ML512 3/23/2016 5:21 PM

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What kills me about the package deals are the "bling'd" jewelry accessories you get if one were to choose the far more durable stainless/aliminium system which provides the exact same performance but will last so much longer, those anodized "37 pieces of flair" that comes included with the lower tier exhaust are utterly useless. I'm still surprised every single time I see stuff like this on a bike that this fad is still a big deal and riders are still willing to shell out a substantial amount of money for this stuff. . The titanium/carbon fiber system is an absolute thing of beauty and definitely lighter but a 3rd option if it existed, at least for me would be the stainless/aluminium system and the cash back for the extra anno parts "Retail Value" of course and roll it into lowering the cost of the bike bro.

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Hey Lightning, I wonder if Suzuki offered up a motor deal, or maybe a Ti bolt kit along with a motor deal would that help?
I get that higher performance parts require more maintenance and upkeep and I get that mortal man would not make use of a motor package like lets say, Blake Baggett is using, but having the option should I feel the want and need to drop the coin on that would be awesome, If I had the choice.

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Yes they do and after comparing all stock 450's I've concluded that for what I have deemed important to me, the Suzuki does not come close.

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I don't think throwing in an exhaust or a few pieces of bling is going to persuade me..
Suzuki would need to offer a whole lot more than that for me to lay down my green for one.

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Yeah I rode one and my only fair description to the experience was "fun".
The whole package felt mild and unless I want to invest in a stage 2 cam along with the exhaust, I didn't see the need to buy an overweight bike that needed more than just an exhaust and bling..

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