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Kalikoura Kalikoura
12/22/2019 6:24 PM


Just a quick question, does anyone know are the new 2019 onwads plastics a direct fit onto the older 2014-18 model bike? want to know 100% before i get a whole new set.


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Lynch Lynch
12/23/2019 3:21 AM

Wont fit

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wideopen198 wideopen198
12/23/2019 8:07 AM

definitely not. maybe the front fender and front numberplate but that's about it.
The cycra kit is a good alternative. It looks a lot like the new plastics.
I've got the cycra kit on my '17 and had a custom graphic set made to make it look like a 19. Here it is:

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Kalikoura Kalikoura
12/23/2019 6:34 PM
wideopen198 wrote:

definitely not. maybe the ...more

Yeah thats what initially made me think it would as the cycra looks pretty well identical! Looks like thats what im going for

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