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C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
9/15/2017 9:15 AM

Hey guys!

Long time lurker, I don't post much but I picked up this 2002 cr125 recently and decided to do a build thread on it. I found a smokin' good deal for it on a facebook group and it starts and runs and the radiators are in good shape, and the subframe is straight. Thats about it... this bike has seen some rough times and had some neglect.

Side note: I bought this bike and my girlfriend asked if we could do it together as a project, so that being said ill let her do most of the wrench spinning and ill just provide a watching eye and helpful guidance. I think she's a keeper!

We will not be building a super badass 125 with a huge budget. Just showing what some TLC can do and how badass of a 125 you can build on a budget!

Well... enough talk here she is!

initial problems I noticed:
flat front and rear tires with the valve stems ripped out.
some front spokes unthreaded from the nipples.
rear o ring chain that hardly goes around.
air filter was in place and bolted in but the filter cage is missing and was sitting halfway over the air boot...

C50 2StrokeWanting4StrokeOwning Quote
9/15/2017 10:30 AM

Following, Keep up the updates

C50_2009_09_16_22.40.26_1469912985 Buckit Quote
9/15/2017 12:54 PM
" girlfriend asked if we could do it together as a project, so that being said ill let her do most of the wrench spinning and ill just provide a watching eye and helpful guidance. I think she's a keeper!"

pics or it didn't happen
C50 TrailDigger Quote
9/15/2017 5:44 PM
Buckit wrote: " girlfriend asked if ...more

Shit, I can hardly get mine to let me buy parts!

If you're not mixing gas, you're not haulin ass.

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
9/15/2017 8:33 PM

The girlfriend was working tonight, but don't worry, I'll get you your pictures!

I was like a kid on Christmas morning and couldn't wait to tear into it and ended up getting the it tore down to the frame.

The deeper I dug the more neglect I found, but there was one positive I found. I'm 95% sure this bike has never been taken apart more than the plastics taken off, the interior of all the bolts sans the swingarm bolt which I had to pound out with a mallet were shinny and spotless and all appeared to be at the factory torque. Including the radiator hoses. We shall see what I discover as I tear into the motor but everything is going smoothly so far.
The exhaust flange did break off when I took the pipe off which seemed odd. But I'm not worried I'll just machine my own.

So far my plans (which are changing daily) are to just clean and freshen everything up and go with a stock '07 look with black rims. But time will tell...

Here's what we uncovered and discovered tonight!

C50_96_1442461055 wsc96 Quote
9/15/2017 9:50 PM

A vote here for the stock look. Following

C50_vital_1488701288 yjgfikl Quote
9/16/2017 11:00 PM

Definitely following this. Just finished up my 2002 CR125 as well. Can't wait to see yours!

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
9/17/2017 4:40 PM

Got some more work done today!

Tore everything down and got it power washed, wow what a mess!

Finished cleaning the frame, the oil almost preserved the frame and kept it from putting very badly. I didn't spend as much time on this frame as I usually do on my race bike but it came out pretty well if I say so!

Started sub assembling a few things. All well, pretty much just need to order a bunch of parts and wait for them to come in at this point!

Probably going to tear the wheels apart next and turn the hubs.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Also, pics as promised! She did most of the work including greasing all he swing arm linkage bearings!!!

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
9/17/2017 7:47 PM
yjgfikl wrote:

Definitely following this. ...more

It funny becasue I was looking at yours a day or so before I found this, beautiful build man!

C50_fullsizeoutput_c9_1511316472 sticecube Quote
9/18/2017 9:25 AM

Nice looking build my man. If I were you id look into a set of Used 07 Clamps to move the number plate mount to the top of the clamp to keep from having the bolt hole through the front of the number plate. Looking forward to the finished product. These 125 builds definitely have me trying to find my own to build

C50_13087589_1074513665953868_2577320789253611214_n_1502921412 jbrass715 Quote
9/18/2017 9:42 AM

Is that an A-kit lurking in the back ground?

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
9/18/2017 1:49 PM
sticecube wrote:

Nice looking build my man. ...more

I was just going to make my own L- shaped bracket so I can mount the 2017 front number plate. It did it on my last one using a plastic box and it worked really well. I can post details when it's finished. I have the 2017 front fender mounted after drilling new holes and it looks killer! Once you start with one 125 build it's like an addiction! I'm constantly searching for more!

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
9/18/2017 1:52 PM
jbrass715 wrote:

Is that an A-kit lurking ...more

That is! Good eye! I may throw it on for picture purposes but it's currently set up for supercross off my 250 so it probably wouldn't work too well on the 125!

C50_kenh3438_xl_1474387343 mx621 Quote
9/19/2017 8:38 PM

Cool to see. I restored my 02 cr125 winter 14-15. Same thing frame off, going through everything.

How it originally looked when I got done

how it looks now

2010 crf450
2002 cr125
1993 Yamaha waveblaster
1993 Kawasaki 750sx

C50_ditch_jump_2_1503980667 Squidward Quote
9/20/2017 4:56 PM

Man. Im sick of seeing everyone rebuilding their 02's while mine sits in back. I need to get on that.

Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst.

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
9/21/2017 8:06 PM
Squidward wrote:

Man. Im sick of seeing ...more

No better time than now!

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
10/3/2017 11:18 AM

Finally got some more time to work on it! We got the motor rebuilt with the new wiseco racers elite piston and holy smokes does this thing sound amazing already!
We scotbrited the entire motor and got it in the frame along with some other small things, just enough to get it running.
Harley crackle paint on the covers looks mighty sharp!

I have the plastics mounted up and got the rear wheel laced and trued last night but didn’t get pics.

Just waiting on the front wheel and rebuilding the forks and she will be ready to ride! (I’m hoping by this weekend!)

C50_img_2738_1509756195 Slosh 112 Quote
10/4/2017 3:58 AM

First off, nice Snap-On roll cabs! I have a lot of Snap-On haha. Second, good work with the missus that wants to help, my girlfriend came into the shed the other night asking if there was anything she could do to help, so I gave her a swing arm and some green scotch bride and off she went and she did a great job too!

Instagram @_yabba_dabba_dont_

C50_17362832_10208846698340707_7874614153673678969_n_1505493229 chasestevenson599 Quote
10/9/2017 6:06 PM
Slosh 112 wrote:

First off, nice Snap-On ...more

I love them! It's a nice perk when your old man is addicted to buying snap-on tools lol. I think mine did a better job with the scotch brite than I do! They are a rare breed haha

C50_img_0230_1482169070 mattyhamz2 Quote
10/9/2017 6:19 PM
chasestevenson599 wrote:

Finally got some more time ...more

Cool to see you and your girl doing a project together. My wife and I are going to be getting her ttr125 ready together and I'm looking forward to it.

Can't wait to see this project all done

2014 YZ450F
1998 YZ250
2005 KX250F

80% of the time it works every time

C50 z71will Quote
10/9/2017 7:58 PM

In for this. I'm getting a 2001 cr125 this Wednesday in a box and it's tore apart in pieces! I'm getting it super cheap so I have a good budget. Not doing a full out restoration, that's for my cr80 I'm building right now (see my build thread on it). I'm just gonna rebuild the engine and fix anything that needs to be fixed and make it look good as possible, then I'll sell it for profit and put some of the profit into my 80. I'll start a build thread on it as well once I get it. Been waiting all week to get it and the anticipation is killing me.

C50_img_1291_1508886244 Devinwals Quote
10/23/2017 2:18 PM

Nice man , I just started my first cr125 build as well should check it out as it's also my first post ..
shoot me some feedback or any suggestions

C50 RBernardi85 Quote
10/23/2017 7:22 PM

That's awesome your girl helps you out! Bike is
Coming along nicely, except that "crackle" paint. Personally I'd use Dupli-color undercoat, I even use it on Harley motors to get the wrinkle black finish without buying the Harley paint.

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