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C50_screenshot_2016_09_26_15_13_54_1494040598 the 72nd goon Quote
9/16/2017 6:35 PM

Kx 144 piston after 4 hrs. The tip of the spark plug is fused into the top.

C50_h4l_photo_96848_1458328084 H4L Quote
9/16/2017 9:13 PM

It looks like a lean jetting cond. or higher octane fuel needed or a combination of both. If your running higher comp. in the engine you need to run higher octane fuel. A 2 stroke engine will melt a cast piston if the jetting is lean & using a lower octane than what the motor was set up for.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

C50_screenshot_2016_09_26_15_13_54_1494040598 the 72nd goon Quote
9/17/2017 4:20 PM
H4L wrote:

It looks like a lean ...more

Thank you

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
9/17/2017 8:55 PM

Could be using the cheaper spark plug?

C50_img_20170520_105215683_1496182353 Kyle220 Quote
9/17/2017 9:25 PM

The crank seal behind the stator can cause that too, could be sucking air in somewhere.

C50 Bhack711 Quote
9/18/2017 8:05 AM

How many hours on the crank? A friends bike had this problem. It turned out that the crank bearings were worn cause it to be a big "longer" than spec, and the piston hit the head.

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