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C50 lloyd Quote
9/26/2017 5:47 PM

does anyone have a line on 99 kx parts or were they shipped back and destoyed

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
9/26/2017 5:54 PM

You can still get most OEM parts new without a problem. What parts are you looking for?

C50 lloyd Quote
9/28/2017 2:46 PM

i get most of my nos thru motosport but i need a fuel tank. thanx for responce

C50 FTB Quote
9/29/2017 2:42 AM
lloyd wrote:

i get most of my nos thru ...more

"Clarke" one for the 99 models.

C50 lloyd Quote
9/29/2017 4:06 AM

the stock tank is 2.2 gallon

C50 2StrokeWanting4StrokeOwning Quote
9/29/2017 11:15 AM

The part number for the tank is 51001-1639-6Z. I can't find any website that still has it available. Maybe you could call your local dealer and tell them the part number?

C50 lloyd Quote
9/29/2017 2:50 PM

have part number turned to u guys ive exhasted my connections. im doing a full resto on 99 will post pics soon waiting to get wheels back thanx for replies. by the way im 62 and still race every other week end. started in 1965. you can go broke. get hurt. but there is no cure for the dirt bike virus

C50_img_0520_1503873304 m.hardesty16 Quote
10/2/2017 5:44 PM
lloyd wrote:

have part number turned to ...more

Sooooo did you find a new tank?

C50_image_1471072505 tempura Quote
10/2/2017 6:51 PM

I tried to get one for my 01 KX last year, which is the same tank for KX125/250 99-02.
All stock gone here (Japan).
I ended up getting a very lightly used tank on eBay.
These tanks had a tendency for the steel threaded inserts (for the shrouds) to break away from the plastic tank. If you buy a used tank, be sure to double check those inserts haven't been epoxied back in. They never hold for long..

"Nothing happens until something moves"

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