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C50_image_1463705409 oceantrav Quote
3/14/2017 6:50 AM

Took like 6 months to finally find a used one. Scored a 2016 for $500. New they are $1400.

My kid just turned 4 and can ride the pw50 without training wheels, but can't touch the ground, so can only ride it in a field without training wheels, or a track with training wheels.

This thing is so small he can handle it no problem, pick it up, etc.

Wish I would have not been so jewesish and just bought a new one 6 months back.

Anyone know how long the batteries last? On a full charge, and also before needing to be replaced?

C50_image_1475107814 Jmicmoto13 Quote
3/14/2017 3:04 PM

Haha nice score!! Im looking for the same for my little Guy who will turn 3 next month.

C50 xplane Quote
3/14/2017 3:35 PM

Those batteries are garbage get someone to build you a custom lithium pack. Or just get some RC Lipo (6s) and swap packs while you charge in 20 minutes. for RC lipo.

Here's one pack that will replace both SLA batteries and provide similar capacity with way way less weight. You can put two in parallel to double the range.

C50 bf884 Quote
3/17/2017 12:27 PM

X2 on the lipo. I hooked 2 22.2 volt lipos to my sons 12.5. Fully charged its like 25.6V. The stock batteries are 14lbs combined weight.

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
4/4/2017 10:11 PM

I just got one of these for my oldest who is 3. I surprised him with it tonight and he was so excited (I was too!).

Have any of you guys seen people replace the grips?

C50 bf884 Quote
4/8/2017 4:33 PM

I did. Have to cut them down. The trottle tube is also really thick. More thick than a big bike .

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
4/9/2017 3:44 PM
bf884 wrote:

I did. Have to cut them ...more

Did you put regular dirt bike grips on or something special? By cut down do you mean shorten them? Thanks for the help!

C50 bf884 Quote
4/10/2017 10:34 AM

Regular grips cut short. Get some thin ones. Like TLD. And bmx screw in bar ends.

C50 rsn Quote
9/7/2017 1:25 AM
bf884 wrote:

X2 on the lipo. I hooked 2 ...more

I like it

I love bycicle

C50 loren lobbestael Quote
9/29/2017 4:54 AM
xplane wrote:

Those batteries are ...more

I see they have one with better capacity than the 16000 mAh.....Looking now at the 20000 mAh 6S 10C from Multistar on Hobbyking ... wondering if this will power the 24V (600W) motor on my son's oset 16" ? Then how do i know which BMS adapter to add to it so that it doesn't shut off under full load (25A ?)

C50 xplane Quote
9/29/2017 11:10 AM
xplane wrote:

Those batteries are ...more

loren lobbestael wrote:

I see they have one with ...more

You don't need a BMS just a 6S balance charger and power supply for the balance charger if needed. Most of the chargers will run off 12V so you can hook it up to the car at the track. Yes a 6S RC lipo will power your 24V motor.

C50 loren lobbestael Quote
9/29/2017 2:25 PM

Thanks for the quick reply. So the BMS is not needed to avoid damaging the battery pack if my boy runs it too hard, gets hot, or low on voltage? The Osets don't come with BMS built-in do they, or in the case they do, wouldn't they be for a lead-acid battery profile? OK, I'm no expert at all, just wanted to know what the reason for BMS was then.... thx again!

C50 bf884 Quote
9/29/2017 7:00 PM

Here is the charger i have...

C50 loren lobbestael Quote
10/10/2017 1:04 AM
loren lobbestael wrote:

Thanks for the quick ...more

Hey all-

I received my Multistar 20000 mAh 6S 10C battery pack and the IMAX B6AC balance charger yesterday, as well as the BMS 4A charge / 10A discharge, (which I ordered just in case, because I didn't yet get an answer for my last question about the actual importance of BMS part).

I installed the battery but not yet the BMS, and I wanted to just be sure that this is NOT necessary or IS necessary I understood from Hobbyking that it will prevent my son from driving the oset too long or hard, thereby potentially discharging the battery pack too far and causing it damage.... Is this not an actual event that can occur?

And if it is a possible situation that can arise, does anyone have an idea how the BMS actually should be installed, as they don't have any installation instructions that came with it from Hobbyking. Additionally the motor is 600W/24V, thereby 25A max draw- is the BMS configurable to allow for more than 10A max current as set up?

C50 bf884 Quote
10/13/2017 5:03 AM

Get a low voltage alarm. Plugs into the batteries on the balancing port. Loud beeping noise when voltage drops below optimal range.

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