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OG725 OG725
10/22/2020 12:10 PM

Maybe I'm the last guy people were expecting on this boat, but I've been bitten by the E-bug. Shocked? Yeah, me too.

Maybe it was the Alta that got me interested. Stumbled across a video of some guy whooping a Tractors (4stroke) ass on an e-bike. Freeride bike, a stripped down MX bike, or a Downhill Mountain Bike on Steroids. That's what it reminded me of, that's what I'm interested in acquiring. Sorry, but the KTM leaves me cold. Don't really think that fat pig would be fun to ride. Same thing for the Mountain Bikes, they just stuck a motor on, meh.

50HP (Gigowatts?) and 150lbs, that's all I want....

Lover. Fighter. Wild Bull Rider.

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OG725 OG725
10/22/2020 12:22 PM

Lover. Fighter. Wild Bull Rider.

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early early
11/19/2020 12:55 PM

Looks pretty cool. 66 lbs and 20 hp peak @.3 hp/lb is about equal to a 70 hp 450 (I don't see how that thing could possibly weigh 29kg just given the size of the wheels/tires). 7000 euro preorder price is $8330 if you can get it to the US. These are much better specs than the segway/sur-ron which are about 120lbs and 6.5 hp.

GM today announced they are expecting in 5-10 years to have batteries with twice the energy density and 60% less cost. I said it in the moto section, in 10years electric bikes will be a very viable option.

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WilliamBrown WilliamBrown
12/24/2020 5:42 AM

A very good analogue, one of the most profitable options. And it looks more than pleasant, and practical !!

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CG118 CG118
12/25/2020 6:22 AM
OG725 wrote:

Maybe I'm the last guy ...more

Can you link the video, or give some search terms. Would sure like to see the vid.

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mx4l mx4l
1/4/2021 5:48 AM
early wrote:

Looks pretty cool. 66 lbs ...more

Where's the rear fender? Looks like it would sling mud/dirt all over your back? Am I missing something?

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