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C50_569a0242_1497373335 metzler316 Quote
8/29/2017 2:31 PM - Social Media Manager

C50_img_4269_1431530332 toomanykaws Quote
8/29/2017 2:55 PM

Tyler was flying. And Jethro still rides a wide track in his 125/150 Machine.

C50_1598688_1456600521 JW381 Quote
8/29/2017 4:18 PM

Such an awesome race! I had so much f'n fun despite having a little too much fun the night before, if you catch my draught, I mean drift.

Osama Bin Mixin - Head of the 2-stroke Taliban

C50_20180125_090933_1516901646 smashingpumpkins167 Quote
8/29/2017 4:35 PM

That was nice watching him do the Bradshaw outside line on the screw u to pass somebody at 3:17

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C50_21320_rvplate HenryA Quote
8/29/2017 4:39 PM

Dude Emig can still ride a bike! Felt a bit sketchy watching Tyler but Jeff looked so smooth on that video


C50 SmokinJoe439 Quote
8/29/2017 5:47 PM

Tyler and Carson where railing the track could have been a better battle if they wouldn't have crashed first lap. 300 + two strokes mostly 125's but they had 250 n 500 classes nostalgic class even a vet class this year.

I raced 125 novice group there was 3 qualifier motors for the main plus an lcq all full gates for that class alone.

C50_dsc_1350_1497719515 Sandwarrior752 Quote
8/29/2017 6:06 PM

Awesome stuff! I loved him following Emig through the pack

C50_2010_0715stang0003_1459095869 BK_5.0 Quote
8/29/2017 6:32 PM

What were the results?

C50_moto Xracer Quote
8/29/2017 7:07 PM

I can't believe how fast Emig still is on a 125...and he still has some lungs!

C50_img_2405_1495128777 RickyRoss519 Quote
8/29/2017 8:10 PM

In the dream race raw edit they show Fro just blitzin the whoops! Hasn't skipped a beat! Now brown was all over through there. Granted brown killed it but shoot fro daddy still got it haha

C50_jeffro_rm2_1468475135 jeffro503 Quote
8/29/2017 8:12 PM
Xracer wrote:

I can't believe how fast ...more

From some of my buddies that went and watched...said Emig still looked silky smooth. I think he ended up taking 5th or so. Not bad at all!!

And there goes Jeffro. One of God's own prototypes. A super high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Pimpin' Ho's , Rollin' fatty's......drinkin' beers , beers , beers!! ~ Ja

C50 kkawboy14 Quote
8/29/2017 8:20 PM

Was that Hanson that cleaned him out?

C50_r08bf_6322_copy_1492465612 gonzo358 Quote
8/29/2017 9:27 PM
kkawboy14 wrote:

Was that Hanson that ...more

That was Carson Brown.

C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
8/30/2017 12:15 AM
Xracer wrote:

I can't believe how fast ...more

jeffro503 wrote:

From some of my buddies ...more

I was really impressed with Emig's riding. 47 years old, jumping the triple from the inside on a stock 125 and blitzing the whoops. Bad Boy!

C50_attachment_1_1447214444 generallee121 Quote
8/30/2017 8:43 PM

Punk ass, immature move by Carson! He was clearly faster, it wasn't even completion of first lap, and he's all impatient and then potentially jeopardizes his finish, and completely ruined Tylers result. There is no justification for that classless move... hope that's not how he's been racing his whole amateur career because when and IF he steps up, the big boys don't take so kindly to those shenanigans

C50_img_2447_1508899026 Zesiger 112 Quote
8/30/2017 10:06 PM
generallee121 wrote:

Punk ass, immature move by ...more

It was a hard pass but if you watch leading up to that Tyler cuts across Carson twice then leaves the door wide open, and you don't just turn down a free gift lol. It was smart of Carson to see Tyler moving all the way across track to block, then brake and dive under him.

C50_attachment_1_1447214444 generallee121 Quote
8/30/2017 10:44 PM
generallee121 wrote:

Punk ass, immature move by ...more

Zesiger 112 wrote:

It was a hard pass but if ...more

I watched it multiple times, and I'm a racer at heart and all for tough passes when needed, but this was ridiculous and stupid no matter how you look at it. Not even completed one lap of a 20min +1 Moto, he's CLEARLY faster and favorited for the W and can get around him easily with a little patience. Its also not like this race was some pro national or purse paying pro/am or even some serious amateur event. It was a for fun exhibition race. Tyler was protecting his lines and making for a difficult pass (nothing he did was dangerous or I would consider cutting across the track on Carson) and Carson went balls to the walls into that very slick right hander with no intentions of stopping in time to not make serious contact. This is clearly evident by seeing his back tire completely locked up and already sliding out even before he makes contact with Tyler. If not for Tyler there he was already going down by himself and maybe worse not making that turn at all and going into the fence. No possible positive outcome for that move. And in the end only Tyler was severely impacted by Carsons selfish, immature move. Punk ass move!

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