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What'sStoppingYou? What'sStoppingYou?
11/26/2017 4:45 PM

Hopefully the ?? will keep anyone from getting too excited about the thread title...

Just wondering when we will see them. Aren’t we already over a month later than usual?

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What'sStoppingYou? What'sStoppingYou?
11/26/2017 4:46 PM

I really hope they keep Phoenix the same as last year. Or at least similar.

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thorns thorns
11/26/2017 4:47 PM

Ive only seen this one for Anaheim 1 so far.

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ocscottie ocscottie
11/26/2017 5:01 PM

"Feed The Bull"
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What'sStoppingYou? What'sStoppingYou?
11/26/2017 6:25 PM
ocscottie wrote:

5 180 degree turns (counting the 1st turn) and 3 whoop sections. I wonder if the 180’s on the outside will be bowls and have nets.

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drt410 drt410
11/26/2017 10:04 PM

I wonder if those two jumps between the woops can be doubled, that would be nuts.

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KirkChandler KirkChandler
11/26/2017 10:47 PM
drt410 wrote:

I wonder if those two ...more

That's the plan.

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68 68
11/27/2017 12:17 AM
ocscottie wrote:
What'sStoppingYou? wrote:

5 180 degree turns ...more

thats a good looking track map for an A1

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