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Bidirella Bidirella
8/9/2020 9:34 AM

This one deserve his own topic. SX got Reedy and Larocco with crazy stats but in the GPs there is Tanel Leok.

Today he rode his 500th GP! First one was Valkenswaard in 2001, 19 years later he is still going!
He also rode for 19 years straight the MXDN for Estionia!

What a accomplished for him and what a career!
Well done Tanel!

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Bidirella Bidirella
8/9/2020 9:35 AM
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shuggs shuggs
8/9/2020 9:37 AM

If only Aigar (sp?) was still around they would be amazing👍

Now a member of the Orange brigade

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DownSouth DownSouth
8/9/2020 9:42 AM

That is an amazing feat but one thing seems odd to me. How is that mathematically possible?

The math (25x20=500) works out to 25 GP's a year for 20 years (2001-2020). To the best of my recollection the series has never had 25 rounds in a season. And in that scenario he would never be able to get hurt and miss a round which seems impossible in MX.

Was he racing multiple classes at each GP back when Everts was winning 2 classes on the same day?

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8/9/2020 9:43 AM

The guy is an absolute legend 👌

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8/9/2020 9:46 AM
DownSouth wrote:

That is an amazing feat ...more

Pretty sure it's 500 motos. As in starts. A GP is usually two starts apart from a few years in the 2000s when it was just one. He's managed to keep injury free an astonishing amount of time.

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Motoxdoc Motoxdoc
8/9/2020 10:59 AM

Some people are moto to the bone...through and through. Absolute respect for Tanel. The Estonian Rock!

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keinz keinz
8/9/2020 11:45 AM


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teamddr teamddr
8/9/2020 12:34 PM

Massive respect to him. Takes a special kind of toughness to stay in the game for 500 races

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Chris_Buehler Chris_Buehler
8/9/2020 12:37 PM
DownSouth wrote:

That is an amazing feat ...more

It had me puzzled and getting the math to work out the same as yours. Someone told me it was gate drops

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Nairb#70 Nairb#70
8/9/2020 2:05 PM

Damn, after reading the title of the thread, I thoight 500 2t's coming back. Pretty damn amazing though, 500 might include all FIM gate drops but thats still unreal.

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FLmxer FLmxer
8/9/2020 2:18 PM

So amazing! Seems like yesterday he and Tyla Ratray were on a team racing minis. He would be a good fit on a team even after racing with all that experience.

I don't have to be as smart as you hope to be some day anymore. wink

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CM_84 CM_84
8/9/2020 2:40 PM

Amazing career. He is a bad dude that's for sure.
Just think about how much the sport has changed from his 1st pro race till now.

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Gukamonster Gukamonster
8/9/2020 2:51 PM
Nairb#70 wrote:

Damn, after reading the ...more

On a slightly related factoid: His relative, Avo Leok was the last guy to win a GP on a 500cc 2 stroke. He won the 1997 500 GP opener at Lommel on a KX500, won the overall with 4-2 finishes.

500 motos for Tanel is crazy. Looks like he got a point in the 2nd moto today.

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jk367 jk367
8/9/2020 3:01 PM

What a bad ass. How old is he?

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8/9/2020 3:05 PM
jk367 wrote:

What a bad ass. How old is ...more

He's 35.

"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

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wolfplayer wolfplayer
8/9/2020 3:13 PM

hope next topic like this will be for Kevin Strijbos

i liked to watch T. Leok on a TM couple years ago

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kage173 kage173
8/9/2020 6:28 PM


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