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Barry_Smith Barry_Smith
7/17/2017 10:36 PM

I own the A-stars BNS Pro (current model) and to be honest, I haven't used it for maybe 8 months. It feels too bulky, wobbles around when launching off jump faces (especially through rhythm sections...) and inevitably one or both of the x-straps will slip off the useless mounting tab. Then I have to stop and refit it....only for it to happen again.

Two questions:

1. Has anyone got a hack to stop the Astars BNS moving all over the place? Shoe laces instead of the stretchy x-straps? Sewing it into your skin? I'm about done with it.

2. I honestly "believe the hype" that the Atlas feels like wearing nothing, but can anyone comment on the strap system? Does it have the same movement issues as the Astars?

I obviously prefer the freedom of wearing no brace at all, but I am going to start racing again this year and I feel like I am asking for trouble not wearing a brace amongst a field of other madmen.

What say you, Vital brains trust?

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Turbojez Turbojez
7/17/2017 11:15 PM

I used an Atlas Air brace for a few months now. I couldn't tell it's there while riding, and it's not wobbling around, strapping system keeps it where it should be. I also get the front part under my jersey and chest protector (thor sentinel) which probably adds to keeping it in place. So here it is, freedom of riding with nothing at all with that little extra comfort in the back of your head. Very good product, I highly recommend it.

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Barry_Smith Barry_Smith
7/18/2017 3:00 AM
Turbojez wrote:

I used an Atlas Air brace ...more

Sold. Thanks for the advice. Pulling the trigger on one right now.

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