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kNewc kNewc
8/23/2017 4:59 AM

We have HD POV action cams, 360 degree action cams, drones, HD Camera's all over the track - but yet we get these "Animated Track Maps" from MX Unleased that are totally garbage. I want to see the POV footage with speed, g-forces, and mini map. I want to see a flyover like they do with PGA Holes. I want to see something REAL. If I wanted to see what the track looked like in a video game, I would buy the damn game. They show the entire lap with the stupid arrow doing "whips" and then show 10 seconds of actual track footage. To me, there are about 100 other ways to show the track, with real footage, other than to use this garbage.

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kzizok kzizok
8/23/2017 5:02 AM

Vital home page, on demand and archived.

much ty. How to spot a paid forum poster/artificial forum traffic producer (see list of actions/phrases below):

Copius pattern amounts of phrases like “Anyone have”..., “Anybody know?”.... and their variations.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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jamma10 jamma10
8/23/2017 5:05 AM

Im not a fan of having to watch the animated track map and listen to an explanation how a two moto format works before every moto.

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8/23/2017 5:09 AM

If Kawasaki wouldnt pay for it to be there, it most likely wouldnt have been.

That beeing said I would have loved to ALSO see a on-board, or even better, a drone recorded lap from the sky.

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yzjs7 yzjs7
8/23/2017 6:03 AM

I agree I don't like it.

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dsmith dsmith
8/23/2017 7:29 AM

well if there was someone controlling a bike and rider on the animated track it would be better than that whip happy arrow...

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Motofinne Motofinne
8/23/2017 7:31 AM

Yeah i don't like it. I understand why they show it so often(money from sponsors) but they should find some other way to do the track layouts.

The animated tracks are often kind of inaccurate and there is no info about the obstacles or turns.

The whole segment is just a waste of time, it doesn't do anything for me.

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hititpind hititpind
8/23/2017 7:46 AM
kNewc wrote:

We have HD POV action ...more

X2 . The whole series is so locked down with exclusive sponsorship, so nothing creative ever happens. Give these kids who kill it with videography a chance to revamp it all.

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kNewc kNewc
8/23/2017 7:51 AM
Motofinne wrote:

Yeah i don't like it. I ...more

Exactly! If the tracks were 100% accurate it would give you an idea of the track. But what MX vs ATV shows is usually missing quite a bit of detail from the actual track. Such BS. Waste of time.

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