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C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/12/2017 10:09 PM

I traded my 14 rmz450 to a great condition 07 rm250 and literally cannot find any info online about this bike. Anyone have any articles, etc they'll post?

C50 Braz Quote
9/12/2017 10:22 PM
C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/13/2017 12:21 AM

Already googled it jerkoff lol. Can't find shit. I'd like to see a test review by mxa or similar.

C50_screen_shot_2016_11_23_at_12.01.59_pm_1479867385 Deja New Quote
9/13/2017 1:49 AM
C50_image_1499104766 JWACK Quote
9/13/2017 4:09 AM

To start off those are 2008 graphics. So maybe you bought an 08?
The clutch sucks. Very grabby. Put a better basket in it if you want to get decent starts or like to ride slow technical stuff. Great bikes. Tighten the steering stem and play with sag because these bikes can be nervous if you don't set them up. That's really all these bikes need.

C50_img_0520_1503873304 m.hardesty16 Quote
9/13/2017 4:13 AM

What are you trying to find? I do a lot of computer researching on bikes just for fun I could probably tell you a few things.

C50_image_1499104766 JWACK Quote
9/13/2017 4:16 AM
C50_tfs_1367879460 DrSweden Quote
9/13/2017 4:20 AM
C50_pink_panther_1458564535 JAFO92 Quote
9/13/2017 4:47 AM

Actually RCs input caused those changes starting in 2005, I talked to DeCoster about that in great detail at Rio and he explained to me exactly how it was done with the Engineers from Japan.

This is what Dirt Bike had to say about these bikes:


Best of luck with your 2007.

"We don't rent pigs."

C50_nath_stanmore_1_1499421214 chump6784 Quote
9/13/2017 5:15 AM

I had an 07, great bike

Here is a link to the service manual


C50_h4l_photo_96848_1458328084 H4L Quote
9/13/2017 6:14 AM

The 06-08 models were basically the same with BNG's. Owned an 06 & it was a decent bike, but could never get it to handle good even after having RG3 do some suspension work. The rear felt sketchy to me at higher speeds with a nervous feel to it. It turned good & the engine had a decent mid-top power with not much down low with a PC pipe installed. If the rear felt more stable it would have been a solid all around bike for me.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

C50 mikec265 Quote
9/13/2017 7:04 AM
H4L wrote:

The 06-08 models were ...more

Maybe it's just me but I always ran the shock spring rates a little soft and they worked perfect.

C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/13/2017 7:14 AM

It might be an 08. I haven't picked it up yet, so I have only ridden it once and have it the once over.

C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/13/2017 7:16 AM
m.hardesty16 wrote:

What are you trying to ...more

I'd like to see an mxa test actually. Dyno chart maybe.

C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/13/2017 7:20 AM

What size and type of forks are on the 07/08 rm250? That and a dyno chart is all id like to find.

C50_maverick_5_1427904926 -MAVERICK- Quote
9/13/2017 7:25 AM
'06 MXA Test

“Goose, it’s time to buzz the tower.”

C50_maverick_5_1427904926 -MAVERICK- Quote
9/13/2017 7:34 AM
Aceofspades wrote:

What size and type of ...more

Showa 47mm.

Newer model RMZ shocks are a direct fit. I know RMZ forks can be made to fit but not exactly sure what is needed.

Do a search on those bikes in this forum. There's a lot of info.

“Goose, it’s time to buzz the tower.”

C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/13/2017 7:39 AM

Thanks guys I can't wait to start ripping on this thing!

C50_whiteway_barton_180312 Jimfunn Quote
9/13/2017 7:43 AM

I had an '08. Really good allround bike. Struggled to get the fork as plush as i would've liked but it was a fun bike. Motor was great, i have a V force reed valve and well jetted & it ripped.

C50_joe_dirt_david_spade_1402778055 JBecker 72 Quote
9/13/2017 7:57 AM

Nice scooter.

C50_17880_248427500349_7776897_n_1510798806 mikebrownsound Quote
9/13/2017 8:00 AM

Send her to Mitch and ask for Carmichaels specs and she will sing!

C50_h4l_photo_96848_1458328084 H4L Quote
9/13/2017 9:37 AM
mikec265 wrote:

Maybe it's just me but I ...more

Yeah I wasn't able to get a good setting on the balance of the chassis with different settings so I was never confident on the RM. The right set up seemed very temperamental in my experience.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

C50_image_1458158043 flymoto Quote
9/13/2017 9:49 AM

Good bikes I had a 08. Handled well, and pulled well once I opened the power valve up. Put some v force reeds in it. Gear box went on mine, notorious for been weak. Sure you'll love it though

C50_21320_rvplate HenryA Quote
9/13/2017 11:34 AM

Wow, already tired of the thumper?


C50_0de04aa67f7c5dfbf76b47a61df7da0e_womens_wrestling_cool_stuff_1515354299 righteousrichaad Quote
9/13/2017 12:19 PM

So called "hop up" manual


Ive had 4 of these rm's. Just jet it and ride.

C50_ot_mmx_ride_day_2014_b_w_1409629174 NorcalVet Quote
9/13/2017 3:15 PM

.... just ride it like you stole it !!!

They don't need much, You don't need to go crazy.
- go oem top end and clutch packs only
- w/c perch did wonders w/ the grabby engagement
-- YEs type F atf works the best for me. Change every other ride or after a sand track
- jd jet kit (easier for me)
- Sunoco 110 @ 32-1 w / 927

For comfort and feel I liked the fat bars like I had on rmz, so I picked up the same bend. Plus it helped when I jumped back and forth between the two bikes
Added a heavier fww to clean up the chop in the team and smooths the hit slightly or just more linear
Showa great on both ends w/ a revalve

*** Only issue is I need to start riding... too much work this summer
C50 FTB Quote
9/13/2017 3:20 PM
Aceofspades wrote:

What size and type of ...more

-MAVERICK- wrote:

Showa 47mm.

Newer model RMZ ...more

The RM suspension is better IMO. I own an 06 125 and RM 250 plus I have a 13 and 16 RMZ 250.
48mm forks on the 2013+ RMZ's.

AFAIK. The 2010 to 2012 RMZ 250 forks are a direct fit with the 06+ RM's. But different axle sizes.
Top triple clamp from the 06+ RM 125 and RM 250, are the same as the 2008 to 2016 RMZ 450 and the 2010 to 2015 RMZ 250.
Bottom clamp on the 2013+ RMZ's is to large in diameter.

A ,lot of people use the YZ 250 pistons in the RM 250's.

Keep the rear suspension linkage and head stem bearings well greased

You should be able to find a new Hinson clutch basket, good luck finding the other parts for an 06+ though. Only chance is 2nd hand.

BUD racing do a bottom tripple clamp that uses the newer RMZ front guards. You should be able to get one from Applied Racing also.

The seat foam sucks. The Factory FX foams are made by Gut's Racing, Or you could get a complete seat from SDG.

IMO, the Boyesen Reed valve is better than the V-Force.

2nd gear is the one that normally shits itself. I had my gears etc Isotropic Super Finished.

C50 FTB Quote
9/13/2017 4:11 PM

Here's a copy and paste for a transmission mod that another member posted a while back. I went to do this mod but there was no movement, "floating", in my gears, everything was tight and it shifts like a hot knife through butter. I've had no dramas with m y 250 transmision, I did have to replace 2nd in my 144cc though. I just replaced them all and and had them ISF'd.


- 3rd and 4th drive gear and 5th driven tend to wear out on the dogs about every 60 hours running time (on average)Theres a shim washer and circlip on the back of 3rd drive gear thats a little too thin and allows 3rd to 'float' a little too much. We add a thicker shim washer there, and also a more heavy duty circlip- the stock circlip can concave (or pop off all together) if you stomp on the gear lever too hard, allowing the gear to move where it shouldnt. This will make your gearbox last alot longer!
Also, when you check your clutch you might want to check the gear selector pin as we have had these work loose after a few hours- we normally remove them and loctite them when we get the bikes, same with the screws on the selector barrel.

C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/13/2017 9:59 PM
HenryA wrote:

Wow, already tired of the ...more

Yep lol. Sold it to the guy I bought the rm from. I loved the rmz, but it was a little too much for my lazy riding. I'm happy now lol. I've always wanted an 08 rm which I found out this is . I picked it up at midnite just now

C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
9/13/2017 10:03 PM

Got a brand new fmf "sst" pipe, which is top end . Boo! If I can find somebody with a stock pipe I might trade.

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