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C50_vitalavatar_1499819419 aeffertz Quote
8/30/2015 11:20 AM

Hey guys,

Just figured I'd make a post here about my experience with this graphics company since its been nothing but a negative experience and want to save somebody a headache.

Renegade Design is out of New Jersey and are also part of the Callahan MX School. I learned about them through J-Law's Instagram and decided to check them out. Found a set of semi-custom graphics I liked and emailed them about a promo code that was displayed on their website, but wasn't working in the cart. No response there so I commented on one of their Instagram posts and he told me to PM him on there. Which I did but still hadn't heard back for a week.

So I posted a comment on his (fredatrenegade) Instagram again after a week and then I got a PM with a valid code and I placed (paid for) my order shortly after. That was 6 weeks ago.

After numerous attempts of communication with them, emails, phone calls, IG PM's throughout the weeks, I still haven't seen a cutout or have any word on if they even plan on making my order. A day or two after I placed my order (5 weeks ago) I asked if everything went through fine and they got my email with the logos. I got a response saying they did get the order and it should be going out Monday. So a 1 week turnaround time it seemed, which seems a little slow but I got a good deal so I wasn't really worried about it.

I never received a shipping confirmation on Monday, so I sent a message on Monday asking how they coming along and if they were able to get them out. No response. Sent a message a couple days later asking for an update. No response. Week later, no response. 2 weeks later, no response. 3 weeks later, I receive a phone call back saying that their grandma was sick or something and that they're going to the pro national that weekend but should be able to get it out the following week. At least I finally was able to speak with someone.

Shoulda known better than to get my hopes up because of course it went straight back to no updates or communication. So almost two months later and still no product or even a thought of ever delivering a product it seems. I've since opened a PayPal dispute to hopefully not get screwed over on the payment even though they've wasted my time.

Hey guys,If we can't get the graphics done in a timely manner or even respond back to phone calls or emails, I'd rather just take a refund and take my business elsewhere. I like supporting smaller, up and coming companies but it gets very frustrating when there's a lack of communication between the paying customer and the seller. Let me know where we stand, please. Thanks.

That was my message to them in the PayPal dispute on August 10th. As you can probably guess by now, I've yet to hear back.

So unless you like flushing your money down the drain and talking to a brick wall, don't support or do business with Renegade Design Co.
C50 kkawboy14 Quote
8/30/2015 11:30 AM

Your credit card company should get you your money back

C50_js7_the_best_1468891470 EK298 Quote
8/30/2015 11:33 AM

Wow that sucks dude. I've ordered 2 sets of graphics from them and didn't have any issues (the turnaround time was a bit over a week though). I hope you get it sorted brother!!!

JS7 Superfan

C50_fg_604_2t_1464676833 Mr. Robinson Quote
8/30/2015 4:52 PM

Paypal will give you a refund if they don't do something. I've been here before with another graphics company. Mine went on for over 10 weeks, but it all worked out.

C50_waters_47_bike_1488615895 KB221 Quote
8/30/2015 7:01 PM

OP you have a lot more patience than me...

C50_bb1_1434180704 motokiwi Quote
8/30/2015 7:58 PM

Birds of a feather flock together.

"Are you kidding me guy? You know how hard I grease it"

C50 olds cool Quote
8/30/2015 8:37 PM

Wonder if somebody cleaned up their own post about JLaw here or if somebody else came along and cleaned it up for them? Figured that one might might get "reconsidered"...

C50 kawi448 Quote
8/30/2015 8:42 PM

I knew the fact that you mentioned Mr. Lawrence would be of importance in this thread...

C50_image_1460421699 Electro21 Quote
8/30/2015 8:47 PM

Sorry for your loss, but you should have found another company once the website didn't work and you had to make contact through social media. Reliable graphics companies are plentiful these days.

C50_images_1433264616 The Narrator Quote
8/31/2015 4:46 AM

I loathe the entire graphics industry. Engine and suspension guys are one thing. But graphics companies, with the exception of a few reputable larger ones, are graphic design school dropouts, who conned their parents into buying them a plotter/cutter, and now they all think theyre Fortune 500 CEOs. They're the divas of the industry. Unreliable and flaky. They're the hair dressers of motocross, basically.

I feel your pain. I have a knack of ripping the graphics off a bike in 2-3 motos, so I have to deal with them more than I'd like.

C50_thugs_eat_ice_cream_too_1383004875 mattmatt300 Quote
8/31/2015 5:24 AM
C50_head_1455297511 RoflCopter726 Quote
8/31/2015 6:00 AM

I have nothing but good things to say about DeCal Works. Their online design studio gives you a pretty good range of customization and somewhat of a preview of how it'll turn out. I've called and emailed them multiple times and always get fast responses.

C50_330_1456872376 philG Quote
8/31/2015 6:13 AM
The Narrator wrote:

I loathe the entire ...more

truth and then some.

C50_jrbavatar_1376008754 WhipMeister Quote
8/31/2015 6:24 AM
RoflCopter726 wrote:

I have nothing but good ...more

Ditto. They screwed up the last set I ordered ('117' instead of '177'). Shipped the corrected set immediately. No charge, no muss, no fuss.

C50_image_1375542030 bents Quote
8/31/2015 6:25 AM

Throttle Jockey has been awesome to deal with.

"We are the architects of our own fate." Muhammad Yunus

C50_030_1457642818 Kawisrok Quote
8/31/2015 8:08 AM

Not to sound daft, but isn't every "online purchase" a buyer beware moment? I would think it's common sense that if you can't put your fingers on something as you're purchasing it, then there's always a chance something will go wrong.

C50_berm_blast JeepnMike Quote
8/31/2015 8:21 AM

Jonon must still be asleep.

C50_image_1473736252 look out below Quote
8/31/2015 8:27 AM
RoflCopter726 wrote:

I have nothing but good ...more

WhipMeister wrote:

Ditto. They screwed up the ...more

Decal is the best. Sean helped me immensely on a set of really really custom graphics. So pretty I'm afraid of scratching them or getting them dirty.

C50_626985978_1207758470 PD441 Quote
8/31/2015 9:45 AM

Remember there are only about 4-5 Licensed graphics companies out there. DeCal Works being one of them.
Most of the garage shop operations are printing OEM logos illegally. On top of that, they are not even using the correct OEM logo when they do “knock it off”.

The PD441 of Motodrive

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