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5/2/2019 6:02 AM

This is my look back at the first of Suzuki's Full Floater, liquid-cooled 125s

Classic Steel #136: 1981 Suzuki RM125-X

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5/2/2019 6:04 AM

I started this new youtube channel where I will be posting all of my classic bike reviews if you would like to subscribe.

The Motocross Vault Reviews

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5/2/2019 6:27 AM

My first new bike, 1600 otd. (which was a fortune to me)

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5/2/2019 7:16 AM

A great bike! I had a 82 model.

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5/2/2019 7:38 AM

My first new one as well. I got mine for $1425.00 OTD. Awesome bike!

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5/2/2019 7:47 AM
tblazier wrote:

I started this new youtube ...more

I will do so now, Thanks again Tony. You bring back a ton of great memories, some with a medical bill attached, some with a trophy or title. For me, it's my childhood..... Damn it was fun!

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5/2/2019 7:56 AM

Here's mine from bitd....very good bike but i remember my 82 kx125 suited me better...

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5/2/2019 7:58 AM

One of the most innovative production bikes of all time. It was in a class by itself in 1981. By mid season half the bikes on the line were 'Zooks. And it was even better with R&D tuning.... My personal all time favorite. Would love to find one to restore.

'75-'83 through the minicycle boom.
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5/2/2019 9:07 AM

Back in 81 I had a 81 CR125, my best riding buddy had a 81 KX125, and a friend of his (maybe it was his cousin) had a 81 YZ125. After riding the other guy's bikes, I realized that my CR was a turd. I really liked the KX125, but my buddy and his friend both liked the YZ125 best and hated my CR.

This was until we got to ride the new RM125. That bike was just better in every way than anything else (but I still dug the KX's motor). It was an outstanding motorcycle.

Crappy part for me was that I was on the 2-year plan for bikes, so I didn't get a new one until 83. The CR was finally good that year...

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5/2/2019 10:19 AM

My friend had bought a 81 RM125 and I had just bought a brand new 82 CR250. We went out to E Street track in Yuba City which was mostly sand. He wanted to ride my new 250 so we swapped. I was a big guy about 190 at the time. I rode his 81 Suzuki and for the three laps I rode it, I thought I was a pro. I had never felt so good on a motorcycle as that day. He even told me after I stopped that he had never seen me ride so fast. That was 82 and I have never felt that good on a dirt bike since. I would love to find one to restore also. They don't come up very often for sale.

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5/2/2019 10:24 AM

I was always too big for a 125, but I wanted the '81 RM sooo bad when they first came out. lol

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5/3/2019 7:39 AM

Buddy loaned me his bike this day because my 81 RM465X had a blown shock. I had forgotten how much fun 125s were until I got on this thing.

Sometime in 1981 at Cow Chip MX in Tallahassee.

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5/3/2019 7:45 AM
DavetheVintageGuy wrote:

Buddy loaned me his bike ...more

OG- original goon

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