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C50_rob_zombie_bloody_1374699457 kevingent55 Quote
2/27/2016 5:58 PM

Is a bad man

Adapt, mutate, or die

Give me a two stroke or give me death

2001 KX-500

1983 KX-125

1979 Maico Magnum 440

C50_dscn0403_1427814070 Starcrossed Quote
2/27/2016 6:01 PM

They should give him that tuff block as a souvenir. He earned it

C50_webb_1435602546 machine Quote
2/27/2016 6:03 PM

That was great!..


C50_picture_001 Juss Quote
2/27/2016 6:05 PM

Thought he broke his neck, he hit it so hard! lol

C50_image_1418354729 rshelbygt Quote
2/27/2016 6:09 PM

I thought those guys would take it easy. Far from it! Bowyer was absolutely committed. That was fun to watch. Bet there are safer barriers next year.....

C50_108580350_1238909587 rubarb Quote
2/27/2016 7:01 PM

That was about as smart as sticking the boat next to the whoop section

C50_jeh_electro_1977_79_1459736185 Mini Elsinore Quote
2/27/2016 7:22 PM

Zero front-braking going on there by Bowyer-----the Professor is disappoint, son.
Not sure why anyone would risk their paying career by participating in a side-show event that only benefits the sanctioning bodies...

"Show me a guy who is afraid to look bad, and I'll show you a guy who can be beat everytime."
-Lou Brock

C50_scan10013_1453304608 hammertime Quote
2/27/2016 7:34 PM

That's the first time me and my girl have cried laughing watching Supercross. Clint is fucking committed. That was the greatest thing I've ever seen

Don't hate the Stew bros!

C50_0t89hgd8vrw69qa5vrqi6ujrh_1477334466 TripleFive Quote
2/27/2016 7:38 PM

I heard Clint talking about this during the NXS race earlier in the day, I thought there was NFW that they would actually be taking a live start! Was really confused when I saw Ty Dillon in a jersey...

C50_108580350_1238909587 rubarb Quote
2/27/2016 7:44 PM

He had total control of that machine

C50_fb_picture_509140003 blusmbl Quote
2/27/2016 7:47 PM

That was the highlight of the night for me. Gotta respect the pin it to win it philosophy, and the showboating after the crash.

I'm sure we'll never see Nascar guys riding dirtbikes at a SX again! At the very least the finish line needed to be back about 10-20 yards.

-2015 Grom grocery getter
-2011 Road King Classic
-2010 WR250X supermoto

C50_canyon.rocket.jump.02_1496101839 g0rd057 Quote
2/27/2016 7:52 PM

Clint is 36 years old.
Takes a little longer to heal a broken bone at that age.
BTW... the guy that came in 2nd, Greg Biffle is 46.

C50_141_1424626910 DPW Quote
2/27/2016 8:02 PM

should have rode a lap or two like the kids on 65's....

C50_michael_scott_1452188132 Michael Scott Quote
2/27/2016 8:06 PM

You would think he would have been able to handle that left turn...

C50 NotCore Quote
2/27/2016 8:07 PM
DPW wrote:

should have rode a lap or ...more

Yeh, that would go well. Probably had 4 ended careers after the first triple. You can tell little kids on 50s 'no doubles' but racers on 250s?

C50_ocnewglo4_1492479679 ocscottie Quote
2/27/2016 8:07 PM

Oops! #Supercross #Motocross #LetsDoThis #Motorcycles #SXonFOX #AtlantaSX2016 @supercrosslive copyright @cudby photo

A photo posted by Racer X Online (@racerxonline) on

"Feed The Bull"
Twitter: @ocscottie | Facebook

C50 NotCore Quote
2/27/2016 8:08 PM

Would like to see that GoPro footage posted!

C50_s1200_et3av_1452194616 stangkag Quote
2/27/2016 8:08 PM
Michael Scott wrote:

You would think he would ...more

You nailed it HA

It aint nothing but a little bit of this and a little bit of Braaaap!!!

C50_141_1424626910 DPW Quote
2/27/2016 8:14 PM
DPW wrote:

should have rode a lap or ...more

NotCore wrote:

Yeh, that would go well. ...more

good point I forget how us "old" guys lack common sense...

C50_bomber_1475866972 fullfloater Quote
2/27/2016 8:15 PM

That was some quality knee shifting!

Great personality. We need the sx'ers to know how to work the crowd and mic like that.

C50_110811guyb_redbud_1449985751 GuyB Quote
2/27/2016 8:15 PM
rubarb wrote:

He had total control of ...more

All the way to the ground.

Quote of the night was from Jimmie Johnson. Someone in the infield asked him why he didn't ride. He pointed at where Clint had wadded and said, "Because of that."

C50_img_0041_1476940152 Mit12 Quote
2/27/2016 8:16 PM

First and last NASCAR hole shot challenge!

C50_115521560_1236784201 anniebertmojo Quote
2/27/2016 9:47 PM

Pin it to win it... gotta love his commitment:

C50_vital1_1489838448 dirtworldmx Quote
2/27/2016 9:59 PM

Bowyer certainly knows how to crash in style!

C50_20170328_191835_1491356067 Aceofspades Quote
2/27/2016 10:20 PM

I'm usually the first guy to shit on nascar because the racing blows, but the drivers seem to be really good guys. Bowyer gets great life out of front brake pads, is what I'm saying lol.

C50_20170225_173426_1488066117 GREEN Quote
2/27/2016 10:24 PM

This is a trending topic on social media. Nice!

C50_image_1473094320 Calihusky Quote
2/27/2016 11:08 PM

That race was awesome! I'd love to see the look on his team owner's face watching that. Hopefully they do it again but with maybe a net or several dozen tuff blocks

C50_image_1454264825 Chris_Cooksey Quote
2/28/2016 1:20 AM

Clint Boyer is the man!

C50_thanks_avatar_1452973612 EZZA 95B Quote
2/28/2016 1:28 AM

A few feet to the right and it would have been really bad.

C50 moto455va Quote
2/28/2016 1:37 AM

He got so lucky. If that tuff block wasnt there he would have been a freekin dead man.

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