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C50_627669398_1220944862 goonrider Quote
3/22/2015 12:21 AM

Who is this kid and how come he doesn't get any kudos on the broadcast for 6th? Last week we had to watch Vince Friese through the entire heat race just to see him finish 7th or wherever he finishedand barely see the leader. Get with the program Fox...

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C50_s200x600_img_5402_1466357996_1466475572 Crisp BRAAAP! Quote
3/22/2015 6:20 AM

Or on Vital?

I agree: it was a hell of a ride.

C50_image_1419194028 hillbilly Quote
3/22/2015 7:10 AM

They did kinda skip over him,making a comment on someone who got 11th or such.

Was Vince out there? Never heard his name all nite

C50_20151110_080906_1447872338 B-EVANS Quote
3/22/2015 7:17 AM

Just another slow guy from Oklahoma . Look for him on the podium next year

C50_img_0398_1504536874 RbR Quote
3/22/2015 9:53 AM

That kid was flying and looked as comfortable as any of the usual fast guys doing it.

C50_img00030_1 MX Culture Quote
3/22/2015 10:11 AM

He was on Babbitts Kaw ax team last year. Lookin good so far on red.

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C50_100821080_1287530718 kzizok Quote
3/22/2015 10:57 AM

He had a really good amatuer career, especially on the smaller bikes. He grew up riding with Bogle a lot and spent a lot of time with Reynard. He was a Team Green rider and with the economic downturn was let go. Therefore, he had to go it alone for a while and wasn't one of the "big" names nationally. However, he is a great kid from a great family who has always been at the front with stiff competition. His speed was never the issue, just lost some support and faded out of the amateur spotlight for a while. To those of us who have seen him grow up, it was just a matter of time until he made it to the front as that is where he really is used to being. He is "proud to be an Okie from Muskogee" ( I don't really know that he is proud to be from there just thought I would throw it in there!) But, I too, have been surprised that he really gets very litte mention.

C50_screenshot_2015_07_17_12_13_32_1_1437149793 ChrisB10 Quote
3/22/2015 11:00 AM

Pulpmx has been talking about him

C50_r4s_logo_1387290512 me_da_racer Quote
3/22/2015 11:19 AM

I've been making good points on him in fantasy MX

C50_96780460_1279248218 Cygnus Quote
3/22/2015 11:22 AM

Congrats to Colt! Wonder if he can pick up the no 45 for next season. That would get him some TV time. Lol

well we ain't the smartest folks in the world...i mean we're fucking dirtbike riders for christ sakes.- BobbyM

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C50_colorado_026_1468454100 crusher773 Quote
3/22/2015 11:37 AM

I don't agree with the great family part. We parked next to them at an OK state race in 2012 and it was a pretty sorry display of sportsmanship that day. I don't know if it was his dad or grandpa or what but he got wasted drunk then was out on the side of the track during his moto giving the bird to his main competition. The kid went down pretty hard and he was cheering and pointing and laughing. Colt came back in once and threw a helmet and just threw his bike on the ground and threw a big tantrum. They had me boxed in after I was there first and when I asked them to move so I could load and leave afterward they were very rude like they owned the place. No sir definitely did not make a fan out of me that day. As long as I have raced it was the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen out of anyone. Good luck to him being a local but I hope that attitude doesn't follow him to the pros.

C50_100821080_1287530718 kzizok Quote
3/22/2015 1:17 PM

His dad doesnt drink. Never seen a grandparent with their family. Never saw them at a state race in 2012.

C50_0e269153_21f4_47c9_9aab_3ccb6017cd47_zpsi7ctqhyi_1441218708 Thelen20 Quote
3/22/2015 1:46 PM

Kid has been a revelation, he was not on my radar coming into the season. Saw him flying in Dallas and took note. Has stole some of Hampshire and smith's thunder IMO. Hope he continues to thrive!

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C50_0t89hgd8vrw69qa5vrqi6ujrh_1477334466 TripleFive Quote
3/22/2015 1:53 PM

Between Peters, Nichols, Thomas Hahn, and Fred Noren the Crossoand Motosport team is pretty solid.

C50_chris_10_1414465539 kawirider819 Quote
3/22/2015 2:51 PM

Very well spoken from the interviews Ive seen. Seems like a smart kid.

C50_736_1419890925 Dx3moto Quote
3/22/2015 3:00 PM

Solid amateur for Team Green

Raced AX last year for Babbitts

Racing this year on the Racing Honda team

C50 Loftin79 Quote
3/22/2015 5:00 PM

He just needed a start and he finally got a decent one this weekend. Last week he finished 8th from a horrible start. Yeah i don't think ive even seen him or his parents act like that

C50_colorado_026_1468454100 crusher773 Quote
3/22/2015 7:08 PM

I don't know what to tell you guys we were parked right next to them. Unless there is another Colt or someone else I have him mixed up with but I swear it was him because they battled all summer. I remember it being #595 too which is what he used to run I think.

C50_image_1432603044 bq_365 Quote
3/22/2015 10:44 PM

Colt and his whole family are good people! His parents and family have always been super relaxed at the track. I've known Colt since he was on 50's and always knew he would make something for himself. He got hurt in December on one of his first days on the Honda after being on Kawi for years. The first time he got to really ride the bike was only a couple weeks before Dallas. He is adjusting quickly... Don't be surprised to see him land on the podium before the year is over. He's on a solid team and has some pretty sweet gear too...

C50_579592_503084383060296_329276849_n_1371345594 Wolfman Quote
3/22/2015 11:22 PM

I've known Colts dad Clint since we raced each other 15 years ago. He was always as calm and cool as they come.

C50_ct70 JG463 Quote
3/22/2015 11:58 PM

Crusher773: The next race you attend that Colt is racing in, go talk to him. Say Hi and just chat with him for a few minutes (when he is not busy of course). He is not the type of person you may think he is. Colt is one of the most down to earth riders in the pits and is definitely a good dude. He's got a good head on his shoulders for sure. Oh, and is riding awesome! So pumped for him and the rest of the Crossland crew.

Hey Brett, when's that gear gonna be out and available? It looks rad!

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C50_image_1432603044 bq_365 Quote
3/23/2015 1:11 AM
JG463 wrote:

Crusher773: The next race ...more

Thanks! We are hoping to have it out later in the year! There is a lot of work to be done before then, but it's definitely going to be worth it!

C50_110811guyb_redbud_1449985751 GuyB Quote
3/23/2015 1:50 AM

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