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RandyS RandyS
1/24/2018 6:21 PM

I want to build a set of woods wheels(18") for my YZ450. Today someone gave me most of a 72 XL250 and the rims are about as close to perfect as possible, they aren't worth half of what new Excels would cost. Any reason I shouldn't use them aside from possibly a few ounces?

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DavetheVintageGuy DavetheVintageGuy
1/24/2018 6:40 PM

You're probably going to have spoke angle issues going from the conical front hub of the XL250 to the disc brake hub of the newer bike. Would most likely need to be redrilled if they are even the correct spoke count.

And those rims were first gen aluminum. Not nearly as strong as what we have today.

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Motocross Kid Motocross Kid
1/24/2018 6:46 PM

Why don't you be a hero and run that sweet XL250 in the woods?

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RandyS RandyS
1/24/2018 6:52 PM
DavetheVintageGuy wrote:

You're probably going to ...more

That's what I was looking for, I didn't know if aluminum had gotten better or worse. I knew the dimples might be a bit different but looking at them there doesn't seem to be a left and right, Id say they're probably pretty close to current since it looks like it's just somewhere in the middle. I'm pretty sure everything was 36 hole until Honda went to 32. But if they're softer I don't want to lace em up only to destroy them. I'll save them for a vintage bike some day.

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RandyS RandyS
1/24/2018 6:56 PM
Motocross Kid wrote:

Why don't you be a hero ...more

It's been sitting outside for years, I emptied about a gallon of water out of it. It does have some Curnutt shocks that have held up pretty well and a vintage plastic desert tank that's in good condition.

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