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yz133rider yz133rider
12/23/2018 1:58 PM

Malcolm Stewart. Never had a full season, never had a team and trainer for the off season, that all should be a huge difference.

Justin hill. Training and riding and putting the work in because hes actually into it with the 450, instead of mailing it in on the 250 when he didnt want to be on it.

Chad reed, looks more fit and prepared than in years past. On a front end steering machine, he crushed it on suzuki last time he was on it. And his starts have been on point at monster cup and iron man.

Also could marvins sx go to another level with dv coaching/advice?

I have tomac for the title, but these 4 are what im really interested in seeing/expecting big inprovments from.

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brimx153 brimx153
12/23/2018 2:03 PM

Justin hill will win 2 races

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wlauderdale219 wlauderdale219
12/23/2018 2:28 PM

Chad reed will podium 3 times and win one of the main events in a triple crown.

Zach Osbourne will be a podium threat

Joey savatgy will finish the highest in the points
out of the rookies. Consistent top 7 guy all season with all other rookies with dnfs.
Ap I feel will struggle all season

Justin hill will win a race and will be the only rookie to do so.

Marvin will struggle this season with his knee but will win one or 2 races

I believe ken roczen and eli will win most of the races but....

Jason Anderson will win 2 races and the championships with like 14 or 15 podiums

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BikeGuy321 BikeGuy321
12/23/2018 2:32 PM

Osbourne and AP7 for sure. Maaybe Hill, if he can limit the small mistakes and be fresh enough at the end of the mains.

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12/23/2018 2:35 PM

Cooper Webb will win one or two. I'm sure he'll be on the podium a few times, consistency will be his nemesis.

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bigk218 bigk218
12/23/2018 3:11 PM

James Stewart podiums Daytona

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struth struth
12/23/2018 3:17 PM

Barcia 2 nd year on that Yamaha will be flying...

RV, 4 th to 8 th, mxgp

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Ramrod Ramrod
12/23/2018 3:33 PM

Everyone in the tier 2 level below Roczen, Eli, Musquin and Anderson are darkhorses to podium and run up front at times.

Too many to list but you guys are doing a good job naming them above.

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12/23/2018 4:02 PM

Dark horse and podiums??? It will be business as usual sadly. If Hill qualifies as a dark horse, I pick him to surprise a few before he wilts like a daisy in the summer.

vomiting equals disqualification.

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mx900 mx900
12/23/2018 6:18 PM

Jace Owen in the 250's

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soggy soggy
12/23/2018 6:47 PM

im excited to see marchbanks rookie sx season, he had some speed this summer before he got hurt.

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Keith72 Keith72
12/23/2018 6:53 PM

I think Plessinger is going to be really good on the 450.

No brains, No headaches.

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68 68
12/23/2018 7:14 PM

did someone just say reed will win once? stop

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Tarz483 Tarz483
12/23/2018 7:15 PM

Colt Nichols

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Forty Forty
12/23/2018 7:17 PM

Tough to pick a dark horse this year. I was hoping Bogle would be a little more solid. I expect If he’s 100% I’ll say he’s the dark horse.

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motomike137 motomike137
12/23/2018 8:43 PM
struth wrote:

Barcia 2 nd year on that ...more

I second this. I think we will see Bam Bam podium frequently and maybe just win a race or two.

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mikec265 mikec265
12/23/2018 8:49 PM

All I know is that I am going to enjoy the shit out of watching 2019 SX. And meanwhile the same miserable bundles of sticks will still be complaining about everything.

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dadofagun dadofagun
12/23/2018 8:52 PM

Anderson has learned the formula..... it worked for RD5 for a long time, and he learned from it. Dark horses? Zach, Joey, but I gotta hunch Hill is gonna really shock us a time or two.... And don’t be surprised what Reed still May have up his sleeve, Barcia as well. Gonna be fun to watch! Be safe boys, give us a good one.

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Boomslang Boomslang
12/23/2018 9:37 PM
yz133rider wrote:

Malcolm Stewart. Never had ...more

Yuuup, im think along those lines. Roczen going to be riding smart. This championship is will be won Dungey style...take a win when you can but ensure you always in the top 5.

Non Gratum Anus Rodentum

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devindavisphoto devindavisphoto
12/23/2018 9:46 PM

Tomac wins a race. Stamp it.

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Talisker Talisker
12/23/2018 11:04 PM

Im dialing 1-800-MOOK!!!!

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downard254 downard254
12/24/2018 4:46 AM
Keith72 wrote:

I think Plessinger is ...more

I remember someone saying that in Webb’s final year on the Star team, that Aaron would occasionally ride the 450 at the test track and was very quick. That may be a rumor, but I’m hoping it’s true. Aaron has a lot of fun personality and I’d love to see him do well.

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blockhead17 blockhead17
12/24/2018 4:57 AM

AP, Webb, savatgy, baggett and Zacho DO NOT get a podium in 2019 supercross, fanboys pick them all for more multiple wins next season too..
Stamp that

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crusty_xx crusty_xx
12/24/2018 4:59 AM

I can see Justin Hill outperform all the other rookies
In 250 Sexton could be good. Depends on his injury though

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Spudinki25 Spudinki25
12/24/2018 5:14 AM

I just cant see Musquin winning a championship max he gets is 4 wins.

I Also believe Tomac will find the consistency this year after motocross last year really consistent and won most of the races, but SX is a different story we'll see.

Zacho looked really good at the off season sx races and Savatgy at Monster Cup take that for what its worth but could see them get a few podiums as the field dies off due to injury.

Which I think will be the biggest factor in who gets podiums and wins. If any of the top four gets an injury that really helps the chances of the other riders, who might also get injuries. So it will be really hard to predict.

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joeellis joeellis
12/24/2018 5:25 AM
blockhead17 wrote:

AP, Webb, savatgy, baggett ...more

If I wasn't so darn poor, I'd be willing to bet you a lot of money you're way wrong on this one. Not even one podium from this group. I'll be shocked.

Honda Rules!

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