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sixfortyone-films sixfortyone-films
7/10/2017 3:58 PM

We've be asked about a billion times if this was ever going to happen. Up until a few weeks ago, the answer was no...

Derek and Tucker ran into each other the other day and well... We'll be heading to Washougal in two weeks.

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PJ205 PJ205
7/10/2017 4:25 PM

This pleases me.

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7/10/2017 7:55 PM


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petersen112 petersen112
7/10/2017 8:13 PM

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we've been looking forward to this series making a return, can't wait to watch it!

Best of luck to Derek and Tucker in Washougal!

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thorns thorns
7/10/2017 8:37 PM


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RussB RussB
7/10/2017 11:57 PM

Awesome news! Cant wait


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7/11/2017 2:19 AM

Yes! Amazing

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Markee Markee
7/11/2017 4:56 AM

Holy shit.

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8686 8686
7/11/2017 5:38 AM

Um, yes, please.

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mb60 mb60
7/11/2017 6:47 AM

Two of the most awesome guys to follow that I can think of.

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