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Alex_18 Alex_18
8/3/2020 9:43 PM

I bought a 2013 CRF 250 for $300 from a friend as a project rebuild. Engine was blown up, bike disassembled, engine disassembled, etc. The engine is in pieces and from the jump, it needs 2 new cases, a crank, valves, piston, and a cylinder. Thats only what i can tell just by opening the ice chest that its in. I would feel confident enough to do it myself had i been the one to disassemble the engine. Theres just too many unknowns for me to get into the rebuild of it and would rather someone who has done it before handle it so Im looking for a shop that can handle this rebuilt without costing me an arm and a leg. Any recommendations would be appreciated

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8/3/2020 9:56 PM

Well, honestly, my recommendation is that if you have at least basic skills, which you do, is to get a manual and do it yourself.

I bought a bike in boxes like that once and it was a little daunting at first but honestly, it wasn't that hard. It's just kind of a jigsaw puzzle and the shop manual is the guide. You can do it!!

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Alex_18 Alex_18
8/3/2020 10:11 PM

I have the service manual and im a helicopter mechanic by trade but im really just looking to flip this bike as quickly as possible. I figured i could just send the engine off and let someone else do it while i take care of the rest of the bike. Its going to be a full rebuild. Disassembling everything. Forks, shock, wheels, etc

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Blade Flanagan jr. Blade Flanagan jr.
8/3/2020 10:14 PM

I would recommend getting a shop manual and also use online microfiche for every step of the way, that way you can be sure all of the parts are there and and assembled in the proper sequence.

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motoxracer17 motoxracer17
8/3/2020 10:16 PM
Alex_18 wrote:

I bought a 2013 CRF 250 ...more

Contact JM racing out of Houston. They aren’t that far from you and could definitely handle getting it back together.

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soggy soggy
8/3/2020 10:30 PM

Your problem is going to be giving the shop an engine in pieces. No mechanic wants to work on that. Chances are pieces are missing and based on what you said you'll be 1-2k in parts alone. Your best way to make money on it is parting it out. You can easily make your $$ back that way.

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walent215 walent215
8/4/2020 2:30 AM

Im currently working on a project bike very similar but its a 2 stroke . Bought in totes, coffee can, parts bin etc! Its alot to take on!
A 7 year old grenaded 250f will be a hard project to flip for a decent profit.
I can save you some money on parts/labor but even so You will be invested enough it would make more sense to keep the bike afterwards.. imo
These types of projects can be fun but i would really sharpen your pencil on this one bud!

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ctbale ctbale
8/4/2020 2:46 AM

Yup, no way to come out ahead if your paying someone to do the motor from a cooler. Trust me on this (I am an ex helicopter mechanic). Your going to want every piece "airworthy" and thats gunna cost $$. I would do the whole thing, or part it out. Either way were talking tons of time

2 Stroke, Drum Brakes, Finned Cylinders!!!

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Radfonz Radfonz
8/4/2020 3:43 AM

dude part it out as best you can and put the money toward something in one piece!

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Brad460 Brad460
8/4/2020 4:50 AM

Group the internals of the engine together...Geartrain, bolts, cases, bearings, cam/rocker arms, etc and ensure everything is there...Then make a list of what needs to be replaced. Check online parts diagrams..

It’s a simple mx engine...

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Paw Paw Paw Paw
8/4/2020 5:44 AM

Part this one out and look for a better project as you will loose your shirt on it.

Paw Paw

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coastlinecascot coastlinecascot
8/4/2020 6:20 AM

I would take the challenge and rebuild it yourself. The knowledge gained is immense. Also you will make a little money on it.

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lostboy819 lostboy819
8/4/2020 6:45 AM
Alex_18 wrote:

I have the service manual ...more

You will lose money if you are just trying to flip it. Like the others said you are better parting it out or just sell it as is and try to recover your original $300

Ed Johnson

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Alex_18 Alex_18
8/4/2020 7:42 AM

Roger that. Thanks everyone. I have some parts for sale if anyone is interested? Haha just kidding

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