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gpracer4224 gpracer4224
10/21/2019 8:37 AM

Watch on-board for a lap around the 2019 24 Hours of Glen Helen course consisting of the motocross tracks, off-road truck track, singletrack, and ridgelines for a long but fun lap!

Instagram: @TrevorHunter224
Facebook: Trevor Hunter 224
YouTube: Trevor Hunter 224

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10/21/2019 3:45 PM

Nice! How did you guys do? What was your lighting set up?

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Racerxx Racerxx
10/21/2019 4:11 PM

What a ride.. never rode the 24 hr must be grueling

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davbrucas davbrucas
10/23/2019 5:14 AM

Hard to watch...too much camera movement.

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10/23/2019 5:45 AM

Awesome! And on a 2-stroke as well.

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