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C50_ttt_1502268566 VxeR Quote
5/31/2017 9:31 AM

"New for MY18 is a Magura front and rear braking system."
What do you guys think?

C50_2014_04_11_22.55.15_1413514143 Johnny Depp Quote
5/31/2017 10:18 AM

Cost of materials, low bidder. We'll see how they work, but it better work since they are the premium brand and currently enjoy the best brakes in the biz along with their orange brothers.

Send Tomac this info.

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C50_8c39df4e_8397_45be_aefa_83d811956943_1518478721 ob Quote
5/31/2017 11:28 AM

If this is true I hope they are better than the current brembos, or that would have been a bad decision.

C50_fb_picture_1045556176 joshua.cowin Quote
5/31/2017 11:35 AM

Not sure about mx but magura make some amazing mtb brakes, so i reckon they will be decent

C50_husqvarna_250_tc_2017_2_1492377431 kiwifan Quote
5/31/2017 1:25 PM

Interesting, they make great hydraulic systems...and are quite closely associated to BMW bikes...it will be interesting to see how good these really are, they are pricey too. Breaks a little more away from KTM.

Current rides: 2018 CRF450R and 2017 TC250
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C50_bailey_gainesville85_001 reded Quote
5/31/2017 1:42 PM

Having owned orange and white, I think I like the Brembo clutch better but the brakes are tad touchy for slow guys.

C50_rip_beach_shot TeamGreen Quote
5/31/2017 1:58 PM

This thread is very entertaining.

"Pearls and swine bereft of me. Long and weary my road has been."
Chris Cornell, 1964-2017

C50_img_20141031_182741_1435175272 Charper732 Quote
5/31/2017 2:03 PM

Aftermarket Brembo is one of the best you can get. The OEM supplied by Brembo...not so much. There is a lot of cost cutting and looser tolerances to win the "bid" to be the oem supplier. If you've ever used an aftermarket brembo system, you know exactly what im talking about. There is a reason their stuff cost a premium.

C50 DFWracefan Quote
5/31/2017 2:25 PM

Tomac should subscribe.....

C50_me_1507114769 #76 Quote
5/31/2017 2:51 PM

Can not seem to get a good feeling front brake lever on my 2017 KTM 450.... Tried every bloody thing but still sponge syndrome ahoy!.

It's a bugger as they are ment to be the best, but as said above there is aftermarket, as I have on my Yamaha R1, and my standard KTM fitted, very different indeed.

2017 KTM 450 23.0 hrs.
YZF-R1 2007

C50_102543900_1257996113 mxsx104 Quote
5/31/2017 4:29 PM

Magura makes me think of Maico.

C50_17796235_10102024645915556_4753952402108888194_n_1492578700 F150Motocrosser Quote
5/31/2017 4:57 PM
DFWracefan wrote:

Tomac should ...more


Positively, absolutely 110% obsessed with anything MOTO.

C50_engine.f_1455853935 BobPA Quote
5/31/2017 5:45 PM
#76 wrote:

Can not seem to get a good ...more

Something must be wrong because my '17 KTM front is super crisp...

Jason Anderson FTW

C50_110493520_1231626500 bartziokas123 Quote
5/31/2017 7:54 PM

Look at the top pro's bikes, you will still see Brembo on there. I love KTM and Husky but in the last couple of years they have been cutting costs and increasing the price of the bikes, its getting super disappointing when you pay top dollar and the bike comes with certain parts that are just junk.

C50 Sargent Rock Quote
5/31/2017 10:30 PM

Huge mistake.

C50_img_20141031_182741_1435175272 Charper732 Quote
5/31/2017 10:37 PM
bartziokas123 wrote:

Look at the top pro's ...more

Aftermarket brembo's are a on a completely different level than what OEM brembos are....

C50 Andy_Greenney Quote
6/1/2017 12:15 AM

Going to be tough to beat the Brembos

C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
6/1/2017 12:36 AM

Well, Husky people wont be happy if they are worse than the Brembo brakes. But i guess there is a reason for it, maybe the Magura brakes are better(i doubt it)?

C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
6/1/2017 12:38 AM
#76 wrote:

Can not seem to get a good ...more

Something has to be wrong with it. I have 16h on my SXF 2017 and the brakes are amazing. I got to try a 7 hour old 2017 YZF 450 and the brakes on that were horrendous compared to the Brembos on the KTM.

C50_img_0023_1503836919 Francis377 Quote
6/1/2017 2:26 AM

I think its a good idea. The Husky should be different from the KTM, as a customer that just gives us more options. If it turns out the Maguras are shit, just buy the KTM.

Magura knows how to build good braking systems. I have never tried them but I dont see why everyones so sure it's a bad move by husky.

C50_one_word_1503689002 OneWordResponseGuy Quote
6/1/2017 6:05 AM
TeamGreen wrote:

This thread is very ...more


Not much to say to Vitards.

C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
6/1/2017 6:15 AM

I do have to say that when i look at the Magura and Brembo front calipers on the 2018 bikes they look very similar. Are they just rebranded Brembos?

C50_136313130_1287336398 nytsmaC Quote
6/1/2017 7:21 AM
TeamGreen wrote:

This thread is very ...more

OneWordResponseGuy wrote:



C50 mxtech1 Quote
6/1/2017 7:36 AM
Charper732 wrote:

Aftermarket Brembo is one ...more

LOL....are you kidding me?

I understand what you are trying to explain, but that's not how it works.

When an OEM is looking for a supplier, they have 2 approaches:
1) the OEM designs a braking system and asks a supplier to manufacture it according to their specs. Under this scenario, multiple suppliers will be approached to quote the work. Many times the cheapest bid does not win. It has more to do with supplier status ratings, ability to meet production needs with the lowest risk, quality history, and market trends.

2) the OEM selects a product already manufactured by the supplier that most closely matches their needs. This is the approach these days, otherwise you would see OEM stamped braking components not Brembo, Magura, Nissin, etc.

It is short sighted of you to think that Brembo is supplying lower quality products to the OEM. I can guarantee you it is the other way around - the OEM is selecting lower grade products to increase profit.

C50 h_reed Quote
6/1/2017 8:03 AM

Moot point. They are going back to Brembo.

C50 kkawboy14 Quote
6/1/2017 8:07 AM

You don't need brakes in the dirt!

C50_fuck_1401042729 FWYT Quote
6/1/2017 8:21 AM
TeamGreen wrote:

This thread is very ...more

OneWordResponseGuy wrote:


nytsmaC wrote:



C50_img_20141031_182741_1435175272 Charper732 Quote
6/1/2017 9:23 AM
mxtech1 wrote:

LOL....are you kidding me? ...more

I'm short sighted? No, I just work in estimation and manufacturing. Who gives a shit if it's OEM requesting the lower quality product or not. The fact is OEM Brembo components are LOWER QUALITY compared to their aftermarket equivalents. Every. Time.

C50_mxon_maggiora_nl697_saturday_1474847906 colintrax Quote
6/1/2017 9:28 AM
Charper732 wrote:

I'm short sighted? No, I ...more

IMO it's silly you even pointed that out.
Everyone knows production stuff isn't as good as factory parts. My stock brembo brakes aren't as good as Dungey's just the same as my tires arent, or my suspension. Hard to expect a company to mass produce a factory level part. Loose tolerances = faster production.

Replace "brembo" with any company name, your original statement is still true.

C50_re_sized_1501517019 Madmax31 Quote
6/1/2017 10:39 AM

Brakes are for pussies.

2013 KTM 450SXF and 1983 YZ 250K

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