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kijen kijen
8/30/2017 6:30 PM

Sort of suprised, I have not seen or heard any promotion for this weekends mxgp, nadda on tv and nothing on the radio. 2 big navy bases, good demograpic for moto, yet nothing.

Do the the promoters even care?

Has anyone in jax heard anything promoting the race?

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ti473 ti473
8/30/2017 6:33 PM

Have you been living under a rock?

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akmx17 akmx17
8/30/2017 6:39 PM

Nope, nothing going on.

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Brownstone322 Brownstone322
8/30/2017 6:41 PM

I think his point was that he's a Jacksonville local, and, from a local perspective, you'd never know the difference. If you're not there yourself, who are you to challenge that?

F1. MotoGP. MXGP. Screw the rest.

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JMR1976 JMR1976
8/30/2017 6:45 PM
Brownstone322 wrote:

I think his point was that ...more

The internet comes hard for some.

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
8/30/2017 6:48 PM

It's hard to squeeze any news in between Trump news and the hurricane!

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tcallahan707 tcallahan707
8/30/2017 7:09 PM
kkawboy14 wrote:

It's hard to squeeze any ...more

Lol so true.

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mxracer12587 mxracer12587
8/30/2017 7:47 PM

So I thought that today . I went to the website and I was surprised how bad the usgp site was set up. With that said may not be fair shake at promoter. I am not aware how much budget he was giving or any specifics . So I am ignorate to comment

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1911 1911
8/30/2017 9:03 PM

This is what my Cox cable TV listing show on the CBS Sports channel. LOL


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Brownstone322 Brownstone322
8/30/2017 9:08 PM
1911 wrote:

This is what my Cox cable ...more

I've said this before: CBS SN has no fucking idea what it's actually showing.

F1. MotoGP. MXGP. Screw the rest.

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