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TiPe Es TiPe Es
8/23/2019 10:49 AM

So why do people say Mackle-rath?

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kb228 kb228
8/23/2019 10:56 AM

Maybe thats how his family says that name idk...

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Black Diesel Bomber Black Diesel Bomber
8/23/2019 10:59 AM

At first I thought you were talking about Jeremy McGrath....but it looks like maybe you are talking about Shane McElrath?

Not sure what the correct pronunciation of Shane's last name is...Mac-El-Rath?

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Mr. Afterbar Mr. Afterbar
8/23/2019 11:00 AM
TiPe Es wrote:

So why do people say ...more

Different name. Different pronunciation.

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gt80rider gt80rider
8/23/2019 11:02 AM

And you can blame that on a pair of announcers. ..
Die Antwoord

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Mr. Afterbar Mr. Afterbar
8/23/2019 11:15 AM
gt80rider wrote:

And you can blame that on ...more

That’s how Shane’s name is pronounced. The announcers used to say it as it looks until they were corrected.

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SmokinJoe439 SmokinJoe439
8/23/2019 11:22 AM

Technically neither is wrong it means the same thing.

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TiPe Es TiPe Es
8/23/2019 11:36 AM

Means the same but pronounced different. Always thought Mc = ‘mick’ and Mac = ‘mack’. I’ve only heard RJ and the Newf prounce it with ‘mick’. Point is, does it matter if they / we say it wrong. Is it up to the rider to correct everyone? It’s their future.
Someone from Plessingers camp said something Im assuming....

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Chris_Buehler Chris_Buehler
8/23/2019 11:40 AM
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Kennyfreemoney Kennyfreemoney
8/23/2019 11:45 AM

Fear - being scared

Pear - fruit

Spelled the same. Pronounced different. Use your brain, man.

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loftyair loftyair
8/23/2019 12:04 PM

Just omit the Mc or Mac part. We know your the son of...

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500guy 500guy
8/23/2019 12:07 PM

Polish = Honda's unpolished , Polished Works edition

Polish = Nationality know for being butt of jokes.

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8/23/2019 12:11 PM

It's always written "tree fiddy" but I'm sure I've heard people say "chree fiddy". They need to stop. Now.

Current rides: 2016 KTM 250SXF, 2017 KTM 350SXF

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Racer111 Racer111
8/23/2019 12:15 PM
TiPe Es wrote:

Means the same but ...more

I’ve never heard Shane’s name pronounced incorrectly. Maybe your hearing is bad.

“Let the Good Times Roll”

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TiPe Es TiPe Es
8/23/2019 12:45 PM

Ya probably. I’ve been told listening is a bigger issue.

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backinthesaddleagain backinthesaddleagain
8/23/2019 1:00 PM

Why do they say Sin Sa Roolo? I thought it was See An See ARoolo. And of course in Italain the Ci would sound like Chee

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Graybeard Graybeard
8/23/2019 1:08 PM
backinthesaddleagain wrote:

Why do they say Sin Sa ...more

Who knew....I thought it was Spanish--Chin Chili Relleno!

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Zaugg Zaugg
8/23/2019 1:29 PM

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cwtoyota cwtoyota
8/23/2019 1:33 PM
SmokinJoe439 wrote:

Technically neither is ...more


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DF313 DF313
8/23/2019 1:42 PM
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Press516 Press516
8/23/2019 2:08 PM

Funny topic... I've always said it as Mc-EL-rath.

'75-'83 through the minicycle boom.
I was fast... But being fast is relative to who else is on the track with you.

ZachO fan! ZO16

TG243 fan!

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Falcon Falcon
8/23/2019 2:17 PM

Here's a quick "Grammar with Falcon" interjection. Hopefully it doesn't derail the thread"

You all probably know about synonyms and [/i]antonyms[/i], I'm guessing. Respectively, different words which have the same meaning, and words which sound the same but are opposite in meaning. There is one other class called heteronym which is a word spelled the same but with a different meaning. Here are some examples:

Dove = a bird
Dove = Jumped in headfirst

Lead = almost killed the minibike industry
Lead = go first

Bass = a fish
Bass = Bootsy Collins' musical instrument of choice

The point is, the English language is screwy. Lots of ways to pronounce things.

Braaapin' aint easy.

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aFACEdismembered aFACEdismembered
8/23/2019 2:45 PM

All this reading is making me Hungary

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shortcourse shortcourse
8/23/2019 3:03 PM

Never heard it pronounced with a "G" all the time I've known Shane's dad Max. It was always pronounced as
"Mac-El-rath", I know there's no "a" but that's the way it was always said. Max was a very fast local pro back in the day and still has "The Max Cycle Service" that worked on a lot of our bikes when I lived and raced in western N.C.
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Asselstine Asselstine
8/23/2019 3:04 PM

People use loose instead of lose on here everyday and you're worried about Mac vs Mc?

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RichieW13 RichieW13
8/23/2019 3:14 PM
TiPe Es wrote:

So why do people say ...more

I think it's pretty common for names that start as "McEl..." for the "mc" to be pronounced "mac".

There is an old football player named Hugh McElhenny, who pronounces it "mac". There was another football players named Vann McElroy who pronounced it "mac", etc.

Also Reba McEntire.

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MX76er MX76er
8/23/2019 3:18 PM

I was going to tell a gay joke, butt fuck it 😂

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Reese95w Reese95w
8/23/2019 4:31 PM

Hollywood says,

“Adhering to 1970’s Standards of Political Correctness”

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Hman144 Hman144
8/23/2019 4:51 PM

Sounds the same but means something different is a homonym.

Antonym just means opposites. Spelling or sound is not a part of the classification.

Your definition for heteronym is partially correct, but too narrow.

Where's Bauer and Wordnerd when we need them?

Juss sayin'. Yer welcome.

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Jordan421 Jordan421
8/23/2019 5:25 PM
MX76er wrote:

I was going to tell a gay ...more

Do go on...

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

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