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C50_img_3388_1500002325 redrider_714 Quote
10/1/2017 6:48 AM

Announced this morning!! Congrats to the Ritchie Family!!

C50_jimmy_2_1393957256 JRT812 Quote
10/1/2017 6:54 AM

In. Attending both are bucket list for me

C50_img_3388_1500002325 redrider_714 Quote
10/1/2017 6:56 AM
JRT812 wrote:

In. Attending both are ...more

Attending the RedBud National is an experience in itself. This will be next level!

C50_615768408_1207047136 endo Quote
10/1/2017 7:15 AM

Hell Yeeeaaaazzzzz!! In for sure!!

C50_2014_04_11_22.55.15_1413514143 Johnny Depp Quote
10/1/2017 7:15 AM

Road Trip!

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C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
10/1/2017 7:16 AM

I'll believe it when it actually happens but I hope it does because I will be there!

C50_0000000992_1392878505 TsmithMX Quote
10/1/2017 7:19 AM

So do you guys think tickets will sell out right away? And when will they be available?

C50_image_2.jpg_original_1469248225 Paul333 Quote
10/1/2017 7:33 AM

I will be attending for sure.

No way I could miss this.

C50_s1600_tumblr_muriyfrnsx1r46py4o1_1280_1381979943_1413511971 Crush Quote
10/1/2017 7:44 AM

Hope they've got a buffer in their bank account!

Cheers, Crush

C50_scan78_canam_mx4_1427390735 jarvinator Quote
10/1/2017 9:00 AM

YEAAHHHH man! Looking forward to this already.

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C50_image_1388949757 lumpy790 Quote
10/1/2017 9:30 AM
C50_rc. TDeath21 Quote
10/1/2017 9:33 AM

Now watch all the US riders be lining up just hoping to be selected. I certainly wouldn't ask any of those riders who have said no these last two years just because they didn't want to.

C50_110469410_1231383917 MX Dad #27 Quote
10/1/2017 11:24 AM
lumpy790 wrote:

I met you at Lakewood in '10, hoping you are well enough for a reunion in '18!

Better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

C50 cbuehler767 Quote
10/1/2017 11:37 AM
TDeath21 wrote:

Now watch all the US ...more

Exactly. I'm right there with you.

C50_19c4f12a06b111e3b2c822000ae800bd_7_1442267179 Yaya Quote
10/1/2017 1:24 PM

The US set of numbers for 18' will be 27, 28 ,and 29. I'd like to see Cooper, Baggett and Jmart next year. They'd be all about it, unlike some this year...

C50_image_1445431990 Flip109 Quote
10/1/2017 1:30 PM
TDeath21 wrote:

Now watch all the US ...more

cbuehler767 wrote:

Exactly. I'm right there ...more

Yep. No Tomac. Screw that. I’d rather lose again than send people that wouldn’t help when we needed them most.

C50_max_anstie_1506890878 Squirrelings Quote
10/1/2017 1:48 PM
TDeath21 wrote:

Now watch all the US ...more

cbuehler767 wrote:

Exactly. I'm right there ...more

Flip109 wrote:

Yep. No Tomac. Screw that. ...more

You would prefer another poor finish instead of sending a rider who has dedicated his whole life to motocross, yet didn't compete at mxdn for a couple of years? I don't remember so much butt hurt when Dungey didn't go. Probably because he was getting his arse handed to him every year.

C50_usa_1430849131 YamahaJT1 Quote
10/1/2017 2:15 PM

Hell YES!


The Riders? I'd just like the top three U.S.A. dudes represent.


C50_97572550_1264563725 TbonesPop Quote
10/1/2017 2:20 PM
Squirrelings wrote:

You would prefer another ...more

There was plenty of negativity toward Dungey, you are misremembering. I'm in favor of Tomac not going too because while he may be the fastest at times, he can be very inconsistent. I also don't like cherry picking which events they want to go to (not going to EU, but they are ok if it's here in the US). I want guys in that race that can't stand losing more than they like winning. Osborne would be good to have go again next year. I still think Anderson would be great, he's also consistent as long as he's not hurt. I'd like to see Anderson, Osborne, and Baggett when they are all 100% healthy in this race next year. If one of them is injured, I'd be supportive of Webb and/or J Mart.

C50_6183473299_51fb26ba11_z Park Boys Quote
10/1/2017 2:36 PM
Squirrelings wrote:

You would prefer another ...more

Lets not forget Dungey won the MxDN three times and the one time it was in the states he easily went 1-1 when all we were hearing was how bad AC was gonna smoke him because Dungey was a 450 rookie.

C50_max_anstie_1506890878 Squirrelings Quote
10/1/2017 2:37 PM

If the US team wants to win, they will send Tomac if he is willing. Webb has said in interviews leading up to the event this year the reasons why he wouldn't go even if he were able. Send Anderson one or two more years while losing the event and I bet he wouldn't want to go either. I don't understand all the hate for Tomac. Doesn't matter I suppose. If he wants to go next year, he will be there, regardless of anyone's feelings about it.

C50 Andy_Greenney Quote
10/1/2017 2:42 PM

Should be a strong team fielded by team USA next year, not many riders will want to 'take a knee' for their home mxdn. I may have to make the trip across to watch, Red Bud was on my list anyway, so an mxdn would be awesome.

C50 Canoe589 Quote
10/1/2017 3:10 PM

Will be there!!!

C50_img_3207_1494388383 shaffstall721 Quote
10/1/2017 3:12 PM

Have USA ever lost it on home soil?

C50_flying_tiger_theme_eight_p_40_warhawk_1427844547 rollin64caddy Quote
10/1/2017 3:28 PM
C50_screen_shot_2014_02_14_at_10.54.36_am_1392397745 TannerMxer Quote
10/1/2017 3:39 PM

So, I'm going to make the trip from Dallas to go. Where's the best place to stay? Is there camping? I need deets.

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C50_101347410_1258698954 gt80rider Quote
10/1/2017 3:50 PM
TDeath21 wrote:

Now watch all the US ...more

cbuehler767 wrote:

Exactly. I'm right there ...more

Flip109 wrote:

Yep. No Tomac. Screw that. ...more

X googolplex

Die Antwoord

C50_rc. TDeath21 Quote
10/1/2017 3:58 PM
shaffstall721 wrote:

Have USA ever lost it on ...more

Nope. 87(?), 07, 10 were the only times it has been in the US and the only one that there was even a small sliver of doubt about was 10.

C50_17796235_10102024645915556_4753952402108888194_n_1492578700 F150Motocrosser Quote
10/1/2017 4:10 PM

Have they announced the date of the race yet??? I believe it's the week before Monster Cup, if I remember correctly from a Matthes podcast

Positively, absolutely 110% obsessed with anything MOTO.

C50_330_1456872376 philG Quote
10/1/2017 4:49 PM
TsmithMX wrote:

So do you guys think ...more

not a chance, they will let in everyone that wants to pay,based on what happened this year, i wont be booking anything just yet.

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