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Stephon Stephon
11/11/2017 8:30 PM

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DoctorJD DoctorJD
11/12/2017 4:54 AM

Greatest SX race of all time, IMO. I did a tally once and I think there were something like ten lead changes and five different leaders of that race, crazy night for sure. I was there with my (then) wife who read a book the whole night until the main, and even she got into it. I don't think anyone sat down the entire race.

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busta_FATmoto busta_FATmoto
11/12/2017 5:22 AM

Great race! Thanks for sharing that

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downard254 downard254
11/12/2017 7:25 AM

I was there for that one. It was mayhem, so many lead changes and the top 10 were freight training so when someone goofed, they lost a bunch of positions. Never even noticed Wardy until the last two laps. Nobody in the stadium was sitting during that race.

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dsmith dsmith
11/12/2017 8:00 AM

camel supercross series ... sounds so weird now

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Old-Man Old-Man
11/12/2017 9:13 AM
downard254 wrote:

I was there for that one. ...more

We were there too, Used to make the drive from Toledo every year.
The way Cooper was riding that night we were all hoping he would take it.

Once in a great while all the stars line up to make such a great race and on this night they were.
Glad we were there. Glad they got rid of those stupid banners
The duo of Myers and Despain was cool as well

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PFitzG38 PFitzG38
11/12/2017 10:24 AM

LOL I had to do a search for that too after listening to Pulp, just finished watching it when I found this thread.

Gotta love YouTube in the off season.

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bvm111 bvm111
11/12/2017 3:14 PM

I have that on VHS somewhere... great race!

Don’t piss off the old people - the older they get the less “life in prison” is a deterrent for them!

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Old-Man Old-Man
11/12/2017 5:47 PM

That's funny. After hitting the strip club we were playin parking lot football till 4AM.
Never noticed how cold it was.

Ahh to be young and in shape...wink

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queen of spodes queen of spodes
11/13/2017 5:57 PM

I was at that race. The skies were clear at Fulton County Stadium and it was COOOOLD. The 250 main was off the charts, everyone was on the edge of their seats or standing.

Pic was taken on a $10 dime store 110 camera.

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