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6/24/2019 2:30 PM

Just broke my clutch lever. My FX tipped over while sitting in the yard. What ate you guys replacing yours with. Stock ones just break way too easy.

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6/24/2019 2:35 PM

I replaced mine with asv c5 billets 10 years ago and have forgotten what it's like to break a lever. Did your stock Yamaha triangle stand bend on ya?

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6/24/2019 3:07 PM

Ive got asv levers on my 450. I like them. I do want to try those arc levers that bend back into place though.

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6/24/2019 3:08 PM

I was just looking at levers myself. The Tusk levers from RMATV are 10 bucks. Pretty tempting.

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6/24/2019 8:33 PM
SmokinJoe439 wrote:

I replaced mine with asv ...more

Husqvarna FX350. No, nothing else bent except it broke the tip off.

That sounds WAY worse than it is. Lol

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6/24/2019 8:47 PM

I've run ASV's for the past 7-8 years. No more broken or bent levers. Don't know why more pros don't run them. All I seem to see are Arc or bone stock levers. Beats me, great levers IMO.

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6/24/2019 9:06 PM

I like the feel of my stock Yamaha levers and I just put a couple wraps of teflon tape on the bars under the clamps and it lets them spin in a crash.

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6/24/2019 9:18 PM

Buy the Pro Taper pro lever and perch. Has
adjustments for rider comfort and breaks away.

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6/24/2019 9:21 PM

If just the levers......go with ARC Memlon. If clutch lever and perch....Works Connection. Trust me on this......ive owned them all

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6/24/2019 9:28 PM

Having broke "unbreakable" levers before, I'm on FLO levers now. Happy so far. I still liked the old Sunline V1 levers....could not break those and they felt pretty good.

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6/24/2019 9:51 PM

I have arc on my bike, actually bent the brake lever after the bike fell over on the triangle stand, these weren’t the composite levers though. I love the clutch perch and lever

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6/24/2019 10:43 PM
SmokinJoe439 wrote:

I replaced mine with asv ...more

walleyeguy wrote:

Husqvarna FX350. No, ...more

Last week I was putting gas in my bike, the wind blew the bike over, broke a brembo lever, $30, throttle tube, $20... the gas leaked out and melted the grip... $12. Lol.

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6/24/2019 10:59 PM

I really like the Torc1 Vengeance levers on my ktm. Idk, they have kind of a mountain bike feel and I did a lot of single track before getting back into mx

I have ASVs on the kawi but eventually want to replace with a WC clutch perch/lever

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6/25/2019 1:35 AM

I use the ARC Memlon levers with perch, they have lifetime warranty so why would I use anything else?

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6/25/2019 1:41 AM

I don't know if manufacturing has improved but i haven't broke a clutch or brake lever for a good 5 or so years...... (i'm cursed now aren't i?)

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6/25/2019 3:58 AM

Cheapest fix is Ptfe tape under the perch clamps bolts not too tight, lets them move in a crash.
If you want expensive try the Renthal intellilevers, unbreakable quality.

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6/25/2019 4:02 AM
GoonRider93 wrote:

I use the ARC Memlon ...more

Me too ^^^^

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Mr. Info
6/25/2019 7:13 AM

ARC Memlon levers. Nothing more needs to be said.

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6/25/2019 7:39 AM

Man, I cannot bring myself to drop unholy amounts of $$$$ on trick levers and perches. Ain't happening.
I just run the Motion Pro forged levers with the bearing pivot in stock perches.

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6/25/2019 8:28 AM

How often do you really break levers? Get 2 sets of Tusk levers and you'll be set for a long time. They're like $20 for a set. Maybe less. All that I've used are close enough to OEM not to know a difference.

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6/25/2019 8:34 AM

I feel as if the ASV levers get sloppy over time and jingle jangle too much. The Arc levers don't do this. So....i'd go with ARC.

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6/25/2019 9:01 AM

I too am an ARC user, both Clutch perch assembly and brake lever. I will have them on any bike I own they are great, many dumb tip overs or good getoffs and they are indeed unbreakable.

I'm OCD when it comes with clutch lever feel. If it is sloppy up and down and just clapped out it bugs the crap out of me. I don't know why but its one of my ticks I guess. ARC levers tolerances are nice and tight and stay true for a very long time.

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6/25/2019 11:06 AM

ARC Memlon are awesome. ARC is the original...ASV ripped him off. The ARC's feel MUCH better to the fingers as well. Have been using them for MANY years.

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6/25/2019 7:38 PM

Motion pro ... it’s a lever, it’s not fancy and works!

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Mr. Ted
6/25/2019 8:00 PM

ARC memlon are the best imo.

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6/25/2019 8:20 PM
Moto520 wrote:

I feel as if the ASV ...more

The design of the Arc perch design is why they are the only levers that don't get sloppy.
He outboarded the bearing surfaces in his design and uses a bronze bushing on each side of the pivot bolt.

The Arc design is the best on the market.

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Red Crawford
6/25/2019 9:02 PM

My neighbors at ASV have always dialed me in.
Good folks who answer their phone....

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6/26/2019 3:32 AM

I think OEM levers are the best. Aftermarket brands usually fit and feel wierd. Slide your perch towards the center of the bars and the levers are less likely to bend. I rarely ever bend or break levers.

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6/26/2019 5:24 AM
HackMan162 wrote:

ARC Memlon are awesome. ...more

Exactly - pretty sure the ASV guy was a former ARC employee. Makes ASV's name ("ASV Inventions") pretty funny, since they didn't invent anything...

ARC all the way...

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6/26/2019 5:34 AM

I have only had one broke on my 98 cr.. and I was not the one riding it.. Maybe don't tighten the bolts so much.

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