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C50 Brooklyn Quote
9/16/2017 5:45 AM

Hi everyone!

Does anybody who is above 6' (over 183 cm) have any experience in riding with different bikes (preferrably 250f) and can tell me if there is any difference in riding them (Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarana, Suzuki)?

My first bike was CRF 2012 and it seems that this bike is not so easy to grip with my knees than the 2016 CRF450 for example which I tried a while ago on the same track. I haven't tried different bikes because I just don't have a chance because there are not enough local riders in my home place.

I know that putting mounts to the handlebar and changing the footpegs will mess up the center of gravity, thats why I would like to leave that discussion out of this thread. But maybe somebody has any experience with other bikes and can tell me if they suit better for guys with my height. I am 186 cm.

C50 Brooklyn Quote
9/17/2017 10:50 AM


C50_1655863_10202314619442349_823908387_n_1390862840 Skerby Quote
9/17/2017 10:52 AM

Yamaha 4 stroke. Kawis used to be pretty big too, plus the pegs are adjustable.

C50_img_0230_1482169070 mattyhamz2 Quote
9/17/2017 10:54 AM
Skerby wrote:

Yamaha 4 stroke. Kawis ...more

X2 on this

2014 YZ450F
1998 YZ250
2005 KX250F

80% of the time it works every time
IG @hamdaddyof2 & @2HRacing

C50 Brooklyn Quote
9/17/2017 10:56 AM

Ok, then these are the bikes I should try first.

C50_cr500004 scooter5002 Quote
9/17/2017 10:58 AM

I'm not the best at this habit, but standing on the balls of your feet, instead of your arches, makes gripping with the knees infinitely easier. I should add, I'm 198 cm tall, so I know what a struggle it is, with a smaller bike.

C50 mikec265 Quote
9/17/2017 11:07 AM
scooter5002 wrote:

I'm not the best at this ...more

What he said and point your toes in.
Pointing the toes in automatically brings the knees closer together and makes gripping the bike easier.

C50_joe_motocross_1415976241 MudPup545 Quote
9/17/2017 11:10 AM

You need a 1980 YZ 250. ;-)
C50 Brooklyn Quote
9/17/2017 11:27 AM

good suggestion mudpup454 :D

I think the bikes handles and feeling on it differs a little bit. Otherwise the brand and the image couldnt be separeted from each other (Yama, Kawi, Honda, Suzu, KTM etc).

C50_629123718_1211516623 mxwrench66 Quote
9/17/2017 11:55 AM

the suzuki has a big pocket in the std seat.
this makes the tall seat feel more natural. The x trig clamp has multiple adjustment and pro taper sells lower pegs. I'm 6'4 and this is my set up.

C50_redbud14_1_1414798827 CLT809 Quote
9/17/2017 1:25 PM

Been 6'5" since I was in high school, and actually prefer stock seats. Used a tall seat in 05-06 until I switched back to stock for a stock class at an event. I was blown away with how much better it handled. Rode hondas and Kawasaki's through 2015, tried a tall seat again on my 2013 kx250f and regretted it pretty quickly. Currently on an fc250 and seeing them on a couple of people's bikes (deano's and Bloss') have me considering trying it again, but I doubt I will.

C50_96_1442461055 wsc96 Quote
9/17/2017 1:42 PM

I've ridden with and without a tall seat on bikes I've owned and the taller seat helps with transition from standing to sitting and vice versa. Same goes with pegs. I think people read too much into the negative effects of these if they haven't tried them out.

C50_af40844a_83e5_478e_ad02_d6e969c0cd3a_1516589041 quadzrulebro Quote
9/17/2017 1:58 PM

I'm 6'4" and ride a 2013 KX450F. I would have gotten a new bike by now, but I can't find one that is as comfortable for me as the one I have. Tall bars and tall seats just make it awkward in the corners. If you're already tall, putting a tall seat on your bike would just further raise your center of gravity.

C50 GAB_1230 Quote
9/17/2017 6:10 PM

Im 6'5" and jumped on a buddies 17 husky fc250 in stock form and felt super comfortable. Bar bend was spot on for me also

C50_img_2478_1484023380 Zycki11 Quote
9/17/2017 6:42 PM
mxwrench66 wrote:

the suzuki has a big ...more

ehhh... what do you know about bikes.

C50_images_1483501291 Moto_Geek Quote
9/17/2017 7:15 PM

I don't think any of the bikes favor that height. Good news is the aftermarket items for these bikes are available. I have a KTM and it's was very easy, I did these simple things, added bar mount risers (1/2"), taller foam seat. And lower stance pegs. This all should be available for most the bikes. Definitely is for KTM's.

C50_image_1471072505 tempura Quote
9/17/2017 8:10 PM

As someone who's small, I can tell you the Yamaha bikes are the most difficult for me to get comfortable on because of their size (and..umm handling traits..).
Although I haven't been out on a 2018 model yet.

"Nothing happens until something moves"

C50 Brooklyn Quote
9/17/2017 10:29 PM
tempura wrote:

As someone who's small, I ...more

Is it true that Yamahas back side of the bike is a little bit higher or the rear shock is set to be a little bit higher? I have heard some rumors but I don't have any proof or verification for that. That is actually the reason why I'm asking about YZF, that maybe it could suit for a bit taller riders.

The problem for me regarding this matter is, that my back wears out. I can get the attack position but I tend to stay at the same posistion for all the ride. And I don't move on the bike, I'm like cramped on the bike the others said but they say that at least the back position is good. But as I've said earlier when I tried my friends CRF450 2016, it felt better to grip with. He also had other pegs (the height is the same as the stocks) which had good grip as well.

C50_bliss_1486915553 nascarnate326 Quote
9/18/2017 3:43 AM

None of them are good for us tall people. Tall seat foam makes it easier to stand but raises center of gravity so pick you Battle.

I've just learned to grip with my calves the best I can on my kxf.

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