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blueracer blueracer
7/8/2017 1:09 AM

Who shares dropped the most after winning their supercross title with
-Malcolm Stewart not racing the outdoors
-Justin hill not performing very well outdoors?

Different years so it's a different situation, but did Malcolm choose the right thing knowing he wouldn't do as well outdoors as indoors?

Or should Justin have sat out the outdoors this year if he wasn't feeling up to speed after focusing on the supercross season.

and I don't mean any disrespect to any of them, they have both earned great respect for achieving what they have done!

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Dan-The-Man Dan-The-Man
7/8/2017 1:14 AM

Malcom blew it by not racing outdoors. In my opinion it lost him the chance at a ride. Only thing worse than bad results is no results.

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motonation24 motonation24
7/8/2017 1:18 AM

Different contract scenarios I think. Justin Hill certainly doesn't have a choice with PC.
I do think Malcolm suffers from not building the fitness through the summer, I'm still not sure if it's his choice not to do them or he can't get the support to do them.. if he was ready to go he should get Broc Tickles bike? But I assume he is far from it?

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NorCalRedRyder NorCalRedRyder
7/8/2017 1:20 AM

I would think Malcolm he's older and didn't he have a condition that affected from being able to race outdoors? I thought I remember hearing something about that last year? Hill is a SX specialist and at 21 I could see Kawi signing him for that reason. Because honestly SX is where the money and focus is at and Eli seems to have them covered indoors and outdoors for the immediate future.

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Motofinne Motofinne
7/8/2017 1:21 AM

Something is seriously wrong if Justin Hill can get a factory Kawasaki spot after this summer.

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NorCalRedRyder NorCalRedRyder
7/8/2017 1:35 AM

I agree but I could see him getting a good 450 ride somewhere maybe not Kawasaki, but he proved he's a good Supercross rider on a 250 and 450. He put in a great ride on a 450 at the MEC a few years back against a pretty stacked field all 3 motos. Irc

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DFWracefan DFWracefan
7/8/2017 2:34 AM

Being on the sidelines is no place to raise the price of your stock......

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downard254 downard254
7/8/2017 4:38 AM

Unless I'm mistaken, neither of the Hill brothers really excelled outdoors, did they. They both seem to have the "IT" factor in SX, but like an early McGrath, they just seem to be so so in MX. That being said, McGrath put forth the effort to get it done and succeeded, to the point of being dominant in '96 until his leg injury, so I wonder if Justin put his head down and motivated himself to get it done outdoors, could he?

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mxb2 mxb2
7/8/2017 5:16 AM
DFWracefan wrote:

Being on the sidelines is ...more

X2, teams like motivation, not laying around waiting on the couch. Ask Dean Wilson.

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visser62 visser62
7/8/2017 6:08 AM

I think it's a different situation because Hill can stay in 250s another year.

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7/8/2017 6:20 AM
visser62 wrote:

I think it's a different ...more

I would agree with you on this because Justin he can still learn and be groomed..I just hope Malcolm turns 2018 around and it's a break out year for him at least he showed up to race SX! Not getting off the subject but does Malcolm return to 365 racing next year and is that the team that James shows up to ride for also? The plan could have been, ok he wasn't ready (bikes,gear, parts, training, baby, wife) let Malcolm lay the ground work to get the team up and running and then James joins next year bringing in more $$$ and some factory support


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olds cool olds cool
7/8/2017 9:22 AM
Motofinne wrote:

Something is seriously ...more

Boom. Truth bomb. I can't believe there are still people on here that say he should get Grant's ride next year. I have nothing against the kid but this summer's results are pretty self explanatory. Grant is getting it done since he got his ankles fixed.

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lostboy819 lostboy819
7/8/2017 10:19 AM

I would take Hill over Malcolm because Hill has a shot in SX in the future. Malcolm didn't exactly set the world on fire when he won his championship and neither rider has done themselves in favors during the nationals. You would think Malcolm would train and be in shape for SX because he doesn't beat himself up racing outdoors.

Ed Johnson

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endurox endurox
7/8/2017 11:15 AM

Macolm has an amazing amount of talent. He just needs to train smarter and harder. His stock price would skyrocket then.

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TDeath21 TDeath21
7/8/2017 12:43 PM

Malcolm hurt himself way worse.

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ktmdan ktmdan
7/8/2017 1:22 PM
NorCalRedRyder wrote:

I agree but I could see ...more

He was on a 350 right?

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