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gharmon gharmon
8/30/2017 8:15 AM

The site says it starts at 6pm. Is it like regular supercross races, meaning it's a three hour affair and should be over at 9pm. There is a flight out of there at 10pm Saturday night is why I ask. Thinking maybe if I left around 8:30 I should be okay to get to airport and board plane. What do you guys that have been think? Thanks guys..

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8/30/2017 8:21 AM

Here's the 2016 time schedule, it started at 6 also.


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bvm111 bvm111
8/30/2017 8:26 AM

It will end appx 930 pm if I remember correctly... I would go early as you can walk through the pits like a national. If you were to leave at 830pm it will be tight getting to your flight if it is at 10 and you have a rental car as the rental return is not on the airport property and will have to take a bus back to the terminal. That being said on a Saturday night the departure security points are completely dead so you can make up time there!

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gharmon gharmon
8/30/2017 8:29 AM
bvm111 wrote:

It will end appx 930 pm if ...more

You are right about the rental car site, I had forgotten about that. Maybe return that thing early in the day and ride a bus/uber to track and then uber to the airport?

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Zaugg Zaugg
8/30/2017 9:40 AM

...or don't stress and leave early Sunday morning.

Too many variables out of your control.

If you're coming from AL to watch the race...enjoy your time watching the race and not the clock.

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Akira Akira
8/30/2017 10:35 AM
Zaugg wrote:

...or don't stress and ...more

x2 plus getting out at the end is a mess

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aeffertz aeffertz
8/30/2017 10:52 AM

I wouldn't cut it that close, leaving at 8:30. Even if you did, you'd miss the final races of the night. Why would you want that?

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ga_pike ga_pike
8/30/2017 11:11 AM

Get a flight early the next morning and just stay up at the casinos all night.

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Falcon Falcon
8/30/2017 11:36 AM

Is this race still at Sam Boyd stadium? The reason I ask is because getting out of there is a bitch if you aren't one of the first 50 cars. I parked in the wrong place and it ended up taking 2 hours to get OUT OF THE PARKING LOT. Never mind getting over to the airport and getting through security. I would definitely go home Sunday morning.

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jorgechavez jorgechavez
8/30/2017 11:54 AM
aeffertz wrote:

I wouldn't cut it that ...more

This. Ultimately up to you but if I'm going I'm staying for the whole thing.

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MichaelAndrew93 MichaelAndrew93
8/30/2017 2:57 PM

I'd go next day. It was a pain for us to get to our car let alone drive off last year

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gharmon gharmon
8/30/2017 2:59 PM
Falcon wrote:

Is this race still at Sam ...more

I went to the Supercross final and got out of there very easy. I was back on main for if like 10 minutes. I parked really close to the road and hauled ass when it was over. I even managed to catch a big ass rock running they parked cars in a dark area and and ate shit pretty hard.

I'm not flying home to Bama though I'm flying to San Francisco and making a vacation out of it. Driving up thru Northern cal and leaving out of Vancouver like the following weekend.

That ticket was only like $44 so it was tempting. I just decided to purchase the one the following morning, still like only $114.

Thanks guys

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Wildeye511 Wildeye511
8/30/2017 4:52 PM

Even if you left at 8:30 that would be really be pushing it to make your flight. Recommend you just stay the night and enjoy the race.

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